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How To Hide Speakers On Your Rear Parcel Shelf

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  To hide them I set the speakers below the sheet metal so they would be flush with the surface. The speakers had a high ring of plastic around the circumference and it acted as a spacer keeping the center of the cone down below the surface of the deck.  Start by taking out the rear parcel shelf cover.  It has a couple of clips that pop out like the ones that hold the door panel on.  . First take your speakers and position them where you want them on the deck.  Bear in mind your evaporitive canister is underneath the rear deck on the passenger side.  If you want to retain the canister be careful to position your speaker inboard of where the canister mounts.  I didnt care about the canister since I am venting out the back as the euro cars do and it allowed for better speaker placement(further apart)   My speakers came with spacers which I used as a template to trace the outline of the speakers onto the metal deck.  Once you drill a pilot hole you can use a sheet metal nibbler(best tool for this) or some other implement of destruction.  The nibbler I used made it easy and it cuts nice and clean.  Drill your holes for the screws using the same template that came with the speakers and mount them with machine screws, washers and nuts.   Now make a paper template of the back parcel shelf.  Tape it over the rear deck and rub it with a pencil to get the outline of the speaker holes in the deck. Take the paper template and lay it over the vinyl parcel shelf and tape it down.  Working on a piece of cardboard on the floor I used a utility knife to cut through the template and parcel shelf and cut out both speaker holes.  I bought a yard of speaker grill cloth from Parts Unlimited that was thick enough to make the speakers invisible but made to let sound through. It was about $24 for the material and there is enough to do two shelves.  I used the same clips I used on the headliner to clip the speaker cloth around the perimeter of the shelf after I glued it with 3M aerosol spray 90. Clip it first and then go around the edge doing 10 clips at a time and keep the material taut.  Let it dry overnight and replace it.  I used fat mat on the rear deck and under the seat back as well to kill any resonant vibrations.




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though i had started a thread on this, but maybe not.  looks like we used the same process.


sections from my build thread page 10ish  below


 time to upgrade the nice but puny 4.5in MBQuart speakers on the rear deck.

Out with the old

PO did a decent job with a rear shelf. Will reuse.

The new. Infinity three way 6x9’s. no intention to create megawatt audiophile system. Just want some noise on long trips.

Ordered them without grilles. Will bottom mount and finish entire shelf in black speaker grill cloth. Speakers will be invisible.

Ok, measure 5 times,

Cut once. Again, that air body saw is a little too much fun…

And crap, should have measured 6 times….forgot about the vapor recovery tank. Was not installed when I measured the other 5 times. Oh well, guess I will find a different solution for filtering fumes!


Covered rear deck in sound deadener.

Cut bigger holes in shelf and covered top with sound absorbing foam.

Mounted speakers and wired’em up. Shelf in place for test fit. Waiting on arrival of speaker grill cloth to cover it all up.


 wife covered the rear deck for me!

Speakers? What speakers?



Back seat back in

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Thanks for adding your two cents.  I didn't bother to search it and missed your posts. Shame on me! I will post some photos of the finished job tomorrow when I have some light.  It got late and too dark to get a good shot from behind the car outside the garage.

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good of you to start a separate thread on this!  my posts were buried in my build thread.


with all the info in one thread here, you can clean it all up and make an article out of it.


thanks for starting this Mike.

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looks great man i am glad that you posted this up. i am currently doing a similar setup. When i picked up my car. I wish the previous owner had not hacked up the front door panels. So now im in the process of cleaning them up and adding updated speakers. keep up the good work.

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Coming soon, maybe, if the weather ever breaks, and if I ever have time:  Bottom hung, hat tray speaker enclosures.  Or, I will be experimenting with a design anyway. 

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