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New Guy In Denver With '74 Rust Bucket :)

Acid House

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So I'm a BMW guy, my main car is an e28 5 series, but it's a rust free Cali car and I just got to Denver so I figured I would pick up a beater to avoid trashing the 5er over the winter.


Somehow this plan turned into me getting a beatup 74 2002 Fjord Blue with a 4 speed.  It runs great, gotta love these BMW engines!  All the electronics work already other than the heater blower, it's really quite impressive for how much of a junker it is.


I got around to stripping the interior today and WHOA BOY.  This car has gotta be 50% rust at this point  :lol:


So in short its not looking very safe to drive.  Any suggestions on redoing the body and subframe?  Practical or no?


I'm tempted to just source a better shell and swap the engine etc, but either way is a lot of work, and I'm better off going full-in one way or the other from the start.



Anyway glad to be a member, I've enjoyed the FAQs a lot so far, and I'm sure I'll be around while trying to get this beast into some kind of shape!  Thanks for reading!

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