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1972 Bmw 2002 - Turn Signals


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1972 BMW 2002 - In an effort to get my inside turn signal lights working, I have caused my exterior turn signals to cease working.  Currently, with the switch off, the outside turn signals will light but not flash.  With the switch off, they will not light.  Assuming it was a faulty flasher, I replaced the original 4 wire flasher with a 3 wire electronic flasher.  I read a previous thread describing the wiring for the 4 wire and complied with it.  The new 3 wire electronic flasher has a P, X & L marking on the flasher.  I wired as follows:  P = black/white which controls the flasher indicator on the dash; X = green/violet, 12 volt input; L = green/yellow, load bulbs.  There is no where to put the ground wire on the new electronic flasher so I left it off per the earlier thread.  Still no turn signals, inside or out.  Emergency flashers work fine with key out or with ignition on.  All bulbs interior and exterior work on emergency flasher mode.  PLEASE HELP!!!

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US spec 72 and 73 2002s have a (kinda) unique feature.  With the ign off, selecting a left or right turn with the t/s lever will illuminate the left  or right parking and tail light respectively.  It's a requriement when parking on the street in some European countries.  Euro '02s from all years do it, and for some reason that feature made it onto US cars for just those two years.  So what you're finding is normal for your '72.  


If the turn signals don't function when the ign is on, then there's another problem somewhere.  


If you still have the old flasher, and it was working the exterior turn signals OK, but just not the one on the dash, drop me an e-mail and I can give you instructions on troubleshooting the flasher unit itself to (hopefully) fix that problem.




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