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Update On Progress 74 Tii


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Not my first post but I always enjoy seeing the progress others are making with their '02's and thought I'd add my .02. Probably do a blog at some point but in the meantime:


We started with this:










One-owner 74 tii that seems to have led an interesting life. Owned by someone in the Air Force so she was in California, Hawaii, and Florida. Eventually ended up in Texas where I bought it from a classic car consigner. Evidently it had been sitting for a while (5-7 years) and the owner gave it to his son to get back on the road or sell. He chose to sell it. I have tons of receipts.


No real rust except for a little by the front driver's jack point and in the spare tire well. I will dive in later but everything else looks really good.


I do think the head gasket is bad but found that out after I bought it. Driving it, there was a really bad shimmy in the steering wheel and the brake sucked. I decided to start there.









To this point, I have completely disassembled the front end. Suspension, steering, and braking systems are off for refurbishment or replacement.


I have a great hook-up for BMW parts so I have bought mostly from my local dealer. I did get Meyle tie rods, center link, and ball joints from AZpartshaus and know the reviews are mixed but I didn't know any better and BMW stuff was expensive!!!!!


This website has been so helpful. So much knowledge here! My searchfoo is getting better.


Coming apart:








Gunky and dirty:












The Harbor Freight spring compressor shown above worked like a champ! Not sure how it would do on a heavier spring but great on my struts.



Spring below has had a little wire wheel love given to it:





Keeping track of how things go together:





Strut cartirdges came out with no problems. A little oil in the tube seemed to do its job and no rust present:






Skipping ahead, I rebuilt my calipers using BMW kits. I know some folks poo poo that idea but I have rebuilt calipers on my BMW bikes, Land Cruisers, Lexus LX450, Nissan pick-up, with no problem. Key is to clean, clean, clean, and be use surgical precision when installing new rubber parts. Really a no brainer.


I did not split the calipers.


I did originally think about going with a reman'd (Cardon) unit but it looked like crap and I took it back. I have faith in my skills and will pay close attention to make sure my work is solid.




Got my struts back together with no problems. Everything metal was cleaned and painted. No rust but lots of gunk in the lower spring perch.


New inserts, new rubber spring pads, new bumpers, new BMW strut bearing, bearing cover washer thingie, etc.





I had originally bought my strut bearings from an aftermarket parts supplier. Quality sucked as the bearings would barely turn. Went back to BMW parts.


One of the things I love about being in a large metropolitan area is that every kind of service I need when working on a car is available to me (powdercoating, old school radiator rebuilders, machine shops, platers, paint supply stores, etc.)


 I decided to have all of my old hardware plated with yellow zinc and we have a local plater that did a great job. I know not all of these parts should have been plated but I am just trying to get a driver out of this car. Not a show winner.


Remember these:






How you like me now?








If you want their info, let me know. Not affiliated in any way and they do stuff through mail. I got all my stuff done for 30 bucks.


Currently I am beginning reassembly so I can drive the car and do more to check out my suspected head gasket issue.


I also found a 74 02 in a local yard and scored the under dash A/C unit out of it. Not sure I am going to use if but it was cheap enough.


Some questions:


I think I have a blown head gasket but having sat so long, who knows what else is going on. Iam going to torque the head and drive it some. I am wondering about the alternator since I do have the suspension completely out.


Would y'all proactively replace it? I think my bushings are shot so I will be dealing with those. Would hate to have such great access and cheap out only to come back later.


I am going through the fuel delivery system. Tank is perfect but I want to clean all the lines and replace hoses. Realoem.com seems to imply that all rubber hoses in the fuel system are 8X13mm. Is this correct are are there smaller hoses?


I did search on the hose issue but didn't see anything.


Updates to come!


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 WOW, looks great so far !!  And those 4 plastic fuel injection pipes are white in color:  they look new !!


re. shimmy in the steering wheel.  

--  Could be as simple as an unbalanced tire(s).  Or in my case:  tread separation.

--  I also experienced shimmy when stepping on the brake, turns out the brake rotor was very run-out.  2 new rotors, no more shimmy.

--  Make sure the steering box is full of gear oil.  My seal leaks very slowly these days and I have to keep an eye on that oil level.


re. head gasket and alternator:  yeh, why not replace 'em and have peace of mind for the next decade or two.  I would also recommend a new voltage regulator, just because.  Or add one in your toolbox, readily available.


re. this bolt:  http://careerstdnt.smugmug.com/Other/BMW-2002/i-qFd7KmS/0/M/photo%28474%29-M.jpg    

I'll say it just to say it:  be sure to add the lockwire !!




Fuel system:  

--  pull the sender unit out of the gas tank.  There is a delicate screen on the pickup tube, make sure it's clean.

--  on the Kugelfisher injection pump, remove the banjo fitting on the front of the pump, there is a small mesh screen inside the bolt, cleaning required.

--  as I recall on the back of the KF pump, there is an outlet fitting.  My faded memory tells me there is a small mesh screen inside the outlet fitting, cleaning required.

--  on the intake tube of the electric fuel pump, there should be a small mesh screen inside the tube, cleaning required.

--  install a new fuel filter in the fuel line before it gets to the KF pump.  I use a nothing-fancy metal canister filter from Pep Boys and replace it often.

--  all the rubber fuel hoses:  replace AND BE CAREFUL !!  All outlet hoses downstream of the fuel pump need to be high-pressure hoses !!  The pump puts out significant pressure and "regular" fuel hose will soon fail.




New Topic to add to your storehouse of future project knowledge regarding the electric fuel pump:  http://www.my2002tii.com/tii-fuel-pump_how-to.htm

 For the day when the electric fuel pump needs replacing, in my opinion you won't find a "reliable" replacement (I couldn't).  So the above article is what several have done.  

 And for what it's worth, my electric fuel pump needed replacing at least 10 years before it died.  Worked OK, but the bearings were beginning to drag and I didn't recognize the symptom of that.  So knowing what I know now ..... 





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Looks like you're doing a good thing for that tii. It's a lucky machine!


I rebuilt my front suspension several years ago. It took quite 12 - 18 months in between other commitments. When it was finished, the car drove great. Unfortunately, it also belched white vapors out the exhaust and had the other symptoms of a blown head gasket. I pulled the head and found that the gasket had been leaking for quite a while and had etched cylinder #1 so much that I could feel the damage with my finger. That was bad news, and I still haven't set aside the money to rebuild the engine so it has sat for those several years.


My advice: Since the car has been sitting and you suspect the head gasket, pull that head and see what's inside before it's too late!




no bimmer, for now

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 WOW, looks great so far !!  And those 4 plastic fuel injection pipes are white in color:  they look new !!





I was told the KF pump had been rebuilt but that may have been prior to it being put up for a few years. I did notice that those injection lines looked brand new as well.


Thanks for all the other info.


Jerry, I am leaning towards just pulling the head. I have a good machine shop in the area that has worked on 02 heads before. Hate to have done all this work to only find out that the head needs to be done and have to put it on the jack stands again.

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