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whats the word on pure speed metalworks?

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Guest Anonymous

Surface turbulance cuts in a BMW head are all theory.... no hard evidence they help at all. MM is the only ones that do it.

So is it good or bad these guys don't do it? For the $ they're selling these heads for they don't look too bad (if they deliver what they promise). The stage II Korman head on one of my cars cost over $1200 by comparision.


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Guest Anonymous

I have dealt with Steve who runs the show. He stands by his work (3 year warranty)and he doesnt even have to. He is neat thorough and really knows his stuff. He has been in the o2 game for a while and has a good edge on rebuilding as well as porting/polishing and engineering. He can do full out custom turbo applications so stock rebuilds to headers to you name it. If you are ever in So Cal,give him a call and ask to shoot by his shop. He will give you a tour and show you some work. Ask him and he might let you ride in his own o2. Nothing but a satisfied customer. David Furey.

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Guest Anonymous

surface turbulent cuts.More often than not are a

marketing ploy by MM.Many outfits like Korman

,Back then Millerand norburn greenfield etc do not

use this technique because it is not needed as MM

has individuals believing so.Some one looking for

superficial stuff will tend to purchase MM stuff

because of their literature.Only MM uses these cuts

.Ever hear that their is more than one way to skin a

cat .Like a 7 or 5 angle valve job.It does not detract

from the flow gives possibly 3% or so more flow

but not enough increase to really spend the time to

do so over a traditional well prepared 3 angle and

wil not see any performance gain .Only in your

head.Food for thought

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