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New To 02's, Not New To Bimmers. Roundie Race Car Project


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Hey Guys,


Super excited I bought a 70 2002 off a buddy, Pablo, I'm sure he was on here at one point or still is.


Been researching tons lately on what can/should be done on these cars and liking what I see.


My plans for this car are to have fun in the streets and reallllly open up on the track/auto x.


Since I live in CA, smog laws are crazy so I wanted a pre smog car to finish my 2.9L turbo motor I was building for my e30.


So ultimately, my vision for this car are IE turbo flares, a turbo front apron, 15x8.5's with atleast 225's (as much as I can get). Have the set of wheels picked out already too. Probably will end up with GC full kit with koni's because those are on my e30 and I love them. But custom sleeve kit is not out of the question. Probably will get IE big swaybars as well.   


I want to use the e30 drivetrain because I know it can handle the power I want and I'm already so familiar with it and the parts are much more in abundance the 02 parts.


So onto the pics, Im sure the car will look familiar to some.




Im also on r3v under 88superetaBD and here's a pic of my e30.


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I actually am planning on picking up that rear end, I first want to talk to them, anyone got pics of what it looks like?


Also, any other places to buy performance oriented parts for the 2002 other than korman, IE, and 2002haus??


I'll be going to Steve @ Blunttech for all my oe parts needs...


But aftermarket, is there any good ones I'm missing?


Who makes engine mounts right now? seems like most who did no longer do.

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Thanks, I wont need any drivetrain stuff from the 02, it will hopefully be all e30 stuff.


I've been searching like crazy for a 2 hole turbo front spoiler. Only people that have it seem to be in UK.




anyone know if this is the only vendor that has a 2 hole turbo spooiler in the States? its 170 euros shipping...


How about a group buy to save on shipping!!!! I know theres a lot of Bay Area (Cali) 2002's.



And those are pics out front of the previous owners house. Its their 73 targa. I do work at Elephant Racing, which does suspension/oil cooling for Porsches, so I have some pics of some nice Porsches.



I plan to get the block back from bore/hone/deck, and my pistons, rods, crank, from getting balanced. Plan to assemble the weekend after getting em back. Hoping for next week :)

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I found the thread on r3v...is that auto haus's? This forum is really hard to navigate/find stuff.

And trust me, all I've been doing is searching.


hmmm, seems real easy to find...type "E30 and subframe" in the search box, hit search. this thread is listed in the results...

http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/110419-02-rear-sub-frame-for-e30-diff-done/?hl=e30 subframe

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LOL...search police. search nazi has been used. i prefer search educator...:-)

i try to provide the search term that yields results for the poster and usually also provide an example of an answer link.

search on this or any other forum is not bad, hard or time consuming. you just have to think about what you want, put it in the search box, make sure the right area to search is marked (forums or google) and then look through the results.

one difference here is that a lot of the good info is not recent. these are old cars. what was good then is usually still good now. you may have to scrool down through some recent threads that don't apply to get to the good stuff. ez. it also helps others in the future to find an older thread that applies to your question and bump it with your twist on the question or the solution.

there is a ton of good, detailed information in this forum ripe for the picking.

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Hey guys, last semester of school is kicking my butt, but I figured I'd throw some pics of the m20 stuff that will be going into the 2002.


Also, I'm sure there is a lot of Californians here. I know my m20 swap will be legal if I keep it exactly how it would be from an e30 i believe. But when I turbo it and ditch some of the stuff that isn't needed for the 2002, will it still be a "legal" swap. What are my limitations to drive this '70 02 on the streets and not ever get impounded. I dont mind a noise ticket/vioaltions or whatever, but I dont want my car taken from me.


Any knowledge on this? My 67 camaro has no cats, and is loud and cammed. Would it be different if I had a blower/turbo on it? I've never been pulled over once. Hope its the same for the 2002.


Made a new keychain for my 02 at school with the laser cutter. anyone interested in buying these? I could make it with any jpeg image.


Made myself a coaster too.



On to some pics!




Paul Burke Turbo Pistons. 85mm 8.5:1, +1 deep valve reliefes cut in, ceramic top coated.


Block back from bore/surface/hone.


Lightened m20 single mass flywheel (weighs just over 15lbs)



m52 crank (84mm stroke)


Eagle Forged H-beam Rods (135mm)


I've ordered all new OE gaskets, still need to buy an MLS, ARP Headstuds, IE HD Rockers, Schrick 284/272 Cam + Schrick valve springs, to have EVERYTHING to assemble to motor.  So happy :)  But just no money/time with school. so its gonna be slow.


I'll add some more later, gotta go to work!

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