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215Mm Vs. 228Mm Vs. Alum. Flywheel


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I have read a lot of posts but still not certain what would be the best option for a daily driven 02 w/ Ireland 9.5:1 e21 pistons, 292 cam, a little bit of head work, 38/38 carb, stahl header, Ireland ss exhaust, and a 3.91 limited slip diff.

I am halfway done with the 5 speed conversion and was about to send the 228 flywheel to be lightened a bit when I read a bunch of different posts stating pros and cons of each.

It got me wondering what would actually be the best option for my setup, as a lot of the posts didn't mention to what extent their engines were built. I don't mind losing a bit of drivability (i drive it like the go kart it is) but I don't wanna have to drop the clutch at 3k to make it roll a bit in wonderful so cal. traffic.


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