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Hose Connection Appears Wet


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I am looking after my friend's 1971 2002 while he is away and using the opportunity to start teaching myself about how to care for a car.  Complete newbie so please forgive the ignorance of my question.


I was going through a checklist to take stock of things under the hood, and when I got to the hoses I noticed one of them has some shiny material around the connection to another coming off of the engine.  This may just be some kind of polymer to seal the connection, but I figured I'd ask just in case it's a sign of something requiring attention.


Is this normal?






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Doesn't look like a leak to me, could be leaking, but the dark shiny bit looks a little too regular in shape to be a leak from the pic, but hard to tell from a little internet pic, when you wipe the area with your fingers does it feel wet or smear?

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The setup David pictured is actually the original way the valve cover to air cleaner hose was routed.  The factory large hose had a neatly punched hole in its side for the fitting.  The little plastic fitting pressed into the larger hose is a factory part; IIRC the small hose led to a small port on the air cleaner inboard of the air filter, while the large hose is plugged into a larger port outboard of the air filter.  That was the setup on the one barrel cars, don't think the 2 bbl cars had that small hose.  


Regardless, it just carries air and oil blowby (not water). 




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Thanks to everyone who replied!  It is as Mike says the tan hose leads into the base of the air cleaner.  It seems that this hose is okay as it is.  I have a separate question about the air filter, but it's probably best to open a separate thread for that I suppose.  Thanks again, you guys are great.

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