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ireland sway bar=money well spent (long)

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Just finished the install (easy) and went for a shake down

cruise. Amazing what a little piece of tube steel will do for a

car. Prior to the install the nevada had an oversteer bias. I

had to muscle the car around corners and stay on the gas or

it would plow pretty hard. Don't get me wrong-it handled

pretty well but needed help. Now it's far more balanced and

stays way more flat in corners, curves, etc. I can brake way

later and carry far more speed through corners that I know

well. I had to adjust my driving of course because now it

takes less input from the wheel to get into the apex. I found

myself cutting the corners a bit short at first.

Overall, I opted for the softer suspension, stiffer sway bar set

up. I have cut stockers, new Boge (I give BMW credit for

knowing their cars, and specing accordingly) in front, Bil HDs

in back. In front is the new Ireland bar and in back is some

sort of heavier bar with rubber. So far so good. It's fairly

compliant on the road but stays flat in corners with the softer

suspension keeping the tires in contact on irregular surfaces.

I read about the 510 guys doing similar things suspension

wise-obviously nothing new here, but I wanted to avoid the

feel of my last Tii which had the traditional go fast set up-

Urethane everything, big bars, Eibachs, and Bil sports. Great

on the auto-X but a killer (on the back) on the street. The new

set-up I have now should run at about 9/10ths of that old

setup on the track, but maybe even better on the street. I will

add urethane bushings to the back bar as I noticed a very

slight feeling of the back end being dragged along by the

front-nothing drastic, but needs to be tweaked. I also need to

adjust the bars on front to the top hole instead of the lower. It

tends to remove camber I found.

Overall I give the fit, finish, and handling improvement a big

thumbs up.

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