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Bmw 2002 Heim Joint Stainless Accelerator Pull Rod 66-76

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This is a direct replacement for 2002 pull rod BMW part #35414440125. The picture is of the factory pull rod ends and shaft lever arm that came off my 75 2002, they are almost 1/2 worn through! They add up to around 3/8 in of play in the linkage between your foot and the carb.

This upgraded pull rod is stainless steel, I custom bent it to exactly match the factory rod, threaded the ends and installed steel heim joints with jam nuts on the ends. The bolts are SS with nylon lock nuts, 6mm on the bottom to attach to the pedal box and 1/4 in on the top to fit the lager hole in the carb shaft. Anti size grease was applied the threads and you can increase the length of the rod by adjusting the joints. There is NO PLAY in these joints but they allow for side movement from minor misalignment, body flex or engine movement. Now the pedal and the carburetor move as one NO PLAY!!!

Quality parts used to make these are not cheep :)


$60.00 shipped to any USA address, PayPal OK, contact (creativesales.comments@gmail.com)



Location: socal

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