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State of Texas said I was finished enough today to drive on the road... I still need to address a few items but mostly complete, here are some pictures of the finished product ...

Got married just in time before the travel bans started.  Drove to prom in this car 14 years ago...only appropriate that we drove away from the chapel in it too.

Here's the place to post your best 2002 photos. Perhaps a bit like the stance thread, but with less emphasis on the "stance", and more emphasis on the car and photo quality.      I'll start...  

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The Borgpj 1973 Sahara is on the loose at last.  After about 10 years of hibernation in FL, New Orleans and in my barn, most of the bugs have been worked out of it, thanks in no small part to the kind folks on the website.  Still need to find some "correct" licence plate lights and fix the A/C, but most everything else works better than I ever expected.  Thank you all...



004 - Copy (6).JPG

006 - Copy (8).JPG

007 - Copy (6).JPG

009 - Copy (4).JPG

011 - Copy (4).JPG

014 - Copy (7).JPG

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Took Fritz out for a drive as I've tried to do every weekend over the past few months.  I haven't done any work on him since the Vintage was moved, nor have I been active on the forum. I've got lots of things going on, but not enough to keep me out of the driver's seat.  Funny how a quick trip to grab a bagel turns into an hour and a half drive 😉 

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2 hours ago, EPK said:

Funny.  I haven't been active either.  I've been really busy and this is the first time in a while that I've checked the forum pics.  Frtiz looks great!

Thanks Erik!  Looking forward to getting out to some events again. We're having a socially distanced Clownshoe photo shoot Sunday.  It'll be my first get together with any car friends in months.

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