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Engine Preservation


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whats the best way to preserve the engine while it is out for a year or so doing a compete body restauration ?

a year is nothing.  Id pull the plugs, shoot a little marvel mystery oil or really any oil in each cylinder.  Rotate the motor by hand every couple months. All my stuff is injected so Im not sure what to do, if anything, to the carb. Maybe someone can speak to that.

My cars sit for 6 months every year and i dont do anything to them but make sure the oil is fresh before storing

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In addition to above suggestions...


If the engine is still in the car and running, before you disconnect everything and remove the engine, start it, get it warmed up, then disconnect the fuel line at the inlet side of the fuel pump.  Let the engine run 'till it starves for fuel and dies.  That will run all the gas out of the fuel pump and carb--no varnish to form.  Then drain the coolant while still warm.  Don't forget the block drain (17mm bolt underneath the exhaust manifold).  The remaining coolant will (mostly) evaporate.  


The fog the cylinders, plug all inlets/outlets as outlined in the suggestions above.




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I just bought the car partially taken apart and the owner told me the engine was overhauled completely a few years back but never had it on the road (he gave up on resto), and from what I see I can confirm. Thanks for the great tips !

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