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Identify Fuel Tank Sender


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 I just purchased 1969 bmw 2002/1600 last friday. I am in the process of fixing a bunch little stuff.


My fuel sender is bad. ( i tested the fuel gauge with a POT, and the sender with a volt meter). At least I think the fuel gauge is good. If I jump it, the gauge reads full. If set the POT to around 15/20 ohms it reads around

7/8th full.


I am getting help from another fuel problem here. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/148685-hard-to-fill-gas-in-the-tank/


From that thread it sounds like I might not have the right tank for my year car.  So, what I would like to know is what year do I need to order to replace this part here?




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test it with an ohm meter first.   right side up (empty) should be zero ohms.  upside down (full) should be about 80-90 ohms.


someone is selling one in the parts for sale section now.  if that one is gone, i think i have a spare.  you will need a new o-ring seal for it and there is a white plastic tube that fits over the outlet on the pickup that is required.  not present in your pic.


suggestion though...search is a very useful function on this forum and should be your first choice for help.  a search on fuel sender would net you a lot of information on these.

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haha. I already did search. I guess I will always have to include that I searched first.


I want to know what part to order. I see tons of threads on how to test fuel send, gas gauge. I don't see one with a picture of every year

fuel sender was made for which car.


From my other thread that I linked in post #1, post #14 http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/148685-hard-to-fill-gas-in-the-tank/#entry960232 You said "basically you have the wrong tank in your car." Which to me sounds like I can't just order a fuel sender for a 1969 bmw 2002. I was hopping somebody here could identify my fuel sender and tell what year I need to buy.


I did test the fuel sender it is bad. "( i tested the fuel gauge with a POT, and the sender with a volt meter)". I guess I should have added I set the voltmeter to ohm. I checked it at empty, full and It try move it someplace in the middle.


Thanks for your helpful information.

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There are 2 possibilities. One sender is longer than the other. The tii had a deeper tank, and longer sender. If your sender reaches near the bottom of your tank, it is the right length. The short one will work in a tii tank, but won't pick up the last 1/3 tank of gas, so it will show empty and you will come to a stop, when there is still gas in the tank. The tii sender won't fit in the wrong tank.

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