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Adapting 320I Radiator To 2002


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Perforated one of my radiator tubes this morning on the way to do some bodywork at the body shop.  I heard a sharp loud noise, like I ran over something (could not find out what it was) and, after seeing smoke coming from the engine compartment and pulling over, I discovered that my fan blades had pushed something into the rear of the radiator and actually punctured two of the tubes.


I managed to temporarily install what I'm fairly certain is an early 320i radiator with zip ties, etc...


The lower radiator hose flange goes directly to the right, whereas the 2002 hose flange angles up and away from the front.  I had a bunch of hoses in the trunk and installed one from that lower flange to the underside of the thermostat.  Barely made it and it has a sharp bend in it which apparently does not restrict the coolant flow entirely because the car did not overheat and I made it home, about 10 miles away.


Is the lower radiator hose from a 320i all that is needed to get a good bend from that lower radiator tube to the underside of the thermostat?  If so, does anyone have the part number?


Since the mounting flanges on either side of the radiator are on the front edge of the radiator, I'm assuming the only other parts needed are long bolts to reach from the radiator support wall to those mounting flanges.  Is that the whole thing for this swap?


Regards, Maurice.

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you've got it...long bolts and an e21 lower hose

Thanks for the confirmation.  It actually looks like the 320i radiator will leave about an extra 1/2 inch of space between it and the fan blade (as compared to my original radiator, which had a total of 3/8 inch of space).


Regards, Maurice.

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