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Weber Choke Issues


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Hi, I bought a '76 2002 a couple months ago.  The body is in great shape and the PO replaced pistons and clutch.  The rest of the car is pretty old and in need of some restoration.  I have been using this site as a reference for much of my work.  The car came with the 32/36 carb that I rebuilt.  One of the big problems was play in the throttle shaft.  I used sealed bearings in place of the plastic bushings.  Very nice upgrade.


I also replaced the water choke with electric choke.  In the garage everything works just like it is supposed to.  The car starts right up and choke releases and idle drops.  But when driving around the the cold, it seems like the choke coil is getting cold kicking in high idle.  Do I just turn down the choke or should I go back to water choke?

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