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Fluid In Brake Booster?


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Just got a 76 up and running after sitting for 6 years. Noticed yesterday I am losing brake fluid at a pretty rapid rate. I checked the clutch master, while wet, not nearly wet enough to be where I am losing this much brake fluid (about an inch out of the resavor in 20 miles) checked wheels nothing there. The only place I can find is under the brake booster. Possibly seeping from where the master cylinder meets brake booster. My question...is the brake booster air tight? Should it have fluid in it? If it is the master cylinder leaking where it meets booster, can a guy just get a new gasket? Thanks for the advice...again!

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Definitively a new brake master cylinder will be needed, also depending on the type of master you have check on the grommets on top sometimes they slowly leak and the fluid accumulates elsewhere and makes you think it's the booster.


One word of advice check it our RIGHT AWAY! You certainly don't want to have brake fluid inside the booster it will screw it up quickly!!!


Good luck.

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But there's good news, too-


the booster is probably just fine.


Pull the master, throw it away, clean out the booster

(better get a bucket)


and check the booster.   They usually survive.


In my experience.



Yup.  If you start seeing fluid oozing out at the booster when you loosen the two nuts - watch out.


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