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*** Rare Find = Weber 45's ***


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Hello '02 Everyone!

Here is a Highlighted Gem from the Current #1,700 '02 Parts in Inventory.


These Carburetors were part of the August 10th purchase of 2.5 cars with Lots of Race Stock Parts including Hot Cam, Race Balanced Crank, Rebuilt Head, etc.

I was Keeping these BEASTS for myself for a motor-build but have decided to let them Go!

Amazing Throttle response, HUGE Power band and Not-too great fuel economy, Ha !!

Priced to Sell at $650 with Cannon Manifolds, Linkage, Air Filters, EVERYTHING YOU NEED . . . .

At Least a $200 Value !!

Both Intake Ears have cracks which have been sealed with JBWeld material. This is a very common issue which does not effect performance.

Every Dealer purchases through Redline . . . . the exclusive Distributor of Weber Carburetors in America.

The very cool, gentleman at Redline who used to personally tune the carburetors of famous Indy and Nascar Race Car Drivers back in the ‘60’s. ‘70’s and ‘80’s is named Bud. He is one of only two guys in the Weber division so your chance of catching him on the phone is 50% if you call this Number: 1-800-733-2277 (Opt 3)

Bud is awesome and he is the person who turned me onto the company in California that specializes in Weber Sales & Service:


The Dual 45 Product Number is: 99002.093



­The Dome Cage design requires a foam filter. Both Filters need to be replace and this is why I contacted Pierce Manifolds in the first place.

As many people know, these Weber Carbs sell in pairs as complete Kits with the Manifold and Linkage have a list price of $1,295 from several sources including Pierce Manifold:


Front & Back of Weber 45's = Monster Performance !




Italian Made Brevettato (Patented) EW = Eduardo Weber, Genuine Weber produced in Bologna : )


All the Accessories including: Air Filter Cages, Cannon Manifolds, Cannon Linkage, Gaskets


Side #1 = Crack in the Ear of housing


Side #2 = Crack in the Ear of housing


Number #1 Single Biggest Horsepower Gain . . . . Bar NONE!!


Separately, In October purchased Five more Cars and in November added One more Totaling Six 2002's

* * * NEW UPDATE SIX New Parts Cars* * *

'71,'72 & '73 Roundies and '74, '75 & '76 Square Taillight cars !!!

~ ~ If You Are Looking For A Specific Piece . . . . I Probably Have It #2-3 Times ~ ~

More really great parts -- everything below in Current Stock, Often with Multiple of The Same Item:

Again, I have multiple Sets OR multiple Singles of the same item in varying levels of Quality.

90% is "8-out-of-10" and above with many '02 Parts in "Perfect Used" condition and some Daily Driver

Rare, High Demand & NLA Parts
  1. Classic Cosmic 13" x 5.5" WHEELS
  2. BBS Spoke Mesh 13" x 6" WHEELS
  3. Vintage Early Hubcaps
  4. E21 Recaro Seats
  5. Stahl Header
  6. 2 Weber Carburetor Risers
  7. Perfect Used 2brl Solex Carburetor
  8. Limited Slip Differential
  9. Super Clean Heater Box
  10. Super Vent Window Actuators
  11. Under Ignition Padded Trim
  12. Under-dash Trim Set
  13. Under-Steering Column Trim
  14. Steering Column with Keys!
  15. VDO Washer Tank w/VDO Cap
  16. VDO Washer Fluid Pump
  17. Perfect Wiper Motor Cover
  18. 2 Eight Prong Hazard Switches
  19. 3 Goldie Sunroof Handles
  20. Clean Round Base Antenna
  21. Center Consoles
  22. Shift Console
  23. Early Chrome/Leatherette Ashtrays
  24. Center Console Ashtrays with Bracket
  25. Clean Door Brakes
  26. Clean Blue Dot Brake Res w/Sensor Cap
  27. Seat Belts with working Inertia Rings
  28. Perfect Glovebox
  29. Chrome Rear Bracket Hinges
  30. Perfect Headlight Buckets
  31. NOS Trunk Gasket
  32. Clean Chrome Finishers
  33. Clean Vent Window/Door Frames
  34. One PERFECT Right Turn Signal
  35. Kidney Grill
  36. Car Jack & Wrench
  37. Copper Radiator
  38. Clean Front License Metal Plate
  39. Trunk Lock w/ Keys
  40. Rust-Free Floor Pans
  41. Low-to-No Rust Fenders
  42. 2-Sets of No-Rust Shock Tower/Wheel Wells
  43. 3-Sets of No-Rust Front Shock Tower Fender
  44. Clean Spare Tire Wheel Well
  45. Clean OR Restored CV Half Shafts
  46. 2 Square Tail light Tail Clips
  47. Perfect Used Hood
  48. Perfect Deck Lid - Trunk

Hard To Find,
High Demand OR NLA Parts
  1. License Plate Assemblies
  2. Rear View Mirrors
  3. Ebrake Boots
  4. Wiper Linkage
  5. Door Sills
  6. Wiper Motor
  7. Pedal Box -- Stock or Rebuilt
  8. Clean Window Handles
  9. '74 -'76 Turn Signal Stalk Switch
  10. '74 -'76 Hi Lo Stalk Switch
  11. OEM Wiper Arm w/ NLA Vane
  12. Brake Booster
  13. Brake Master
  14. Clutch Master
  15. Slave Cylinder
  16. Ebrakes
  17. Ebrake Cables
  18. Black '74 -'76 rear cards (mint!)
  19. Window Regulators
  20. Clean Door Switches
  21. Clean Shift Boot
  22. Clean Drain Tubes
  23. Ignition Cam Shell w/ VIN
  24. Solid Rear
  25. Clean Tan Arm Rests
  26. Clean Doors
  27. Berg Fuel Pump
  28. E-12 Cylinder Heads
  29. Instrument Clusters
  30. Shifter Linkage
  31. Shifter Arm
  32. Horn Rings
  33. Brake & Clutch Pedal Cover
  34. Amber Reflectors
  35. Clean Gas Pedals
  36. Insulation Sets
  37. Throttle Linkage
  38. Hood Locking Bars
  39. Brake Calipers
  40. Gas Tank
  41. Gas Tank Neck
  42. Charcoal Canisters
  43. '74 -'76 Bumper Shocks
  44. '74 -'76 Shocks Trim Covers
  45. Braided Aluminum Battery Ground
  46. Clean Hood Lock Bar Insulation
  47. Hood Release Lever & Cable
  48. Various Gas Caps
  49. Hood Hinges
  50. Headlight Buckets
  51. Belt Trim in Various Quality Levels
  52. PERFECT Grill Set

Plentiful Stock
  1. Ebrake Boots
  2. Door Glass
  3. Rear Vent Glass
  4. Rear Windshields
  5. Plastic Rear Ashtrays
  6. 7-8 Pairs of Turn Signal Assemblies (various quality)
  7. Interior Door Handles
  8. "8-out-of-10" Glovebox 5 in stock
  9. Used Carpet Sets (daily-driver)
  10. Rear Hand Pull-ups
  11. Distributors
  12. Oil Pumps
  13. M10 Motors
  14. All Dash Switches
  15. Rear Powered Red Running Lights
  16. Radiator Fans
  17. Bosch Coils
  18. Bosch Alternators
  19. Bosch Starters
  20. 4-Speed Clutches
  21. 4-Speed Transmissions (2)
  22. Front & Rear Sub Frames
  23. Pitman Arms
  24. Tie Rods
  25. Sway Bars -- Front & Rear
  26. Fuel Lines
  27. Vapor Tanks
  28. 4-Speed Drive Shafts
  29. Rear Vent Tubes
  30. Late Model Bumpers
  31. Various Sheet Metal
  32. Headlights
  33. Water Pumps
  34. Relays, Regulators, Switches
  35. 3 Sets of Lower Trim
  36. 3 Sets of Various Type Shocks
  37. 3 Sets of 2002 Drum Brakes
  38. 3 Sets of 2002 Coil Springs
  39. 3 Sets of 2002 Swing Arm Assemblies
  40. 3 Sets of 2002 Struts w/ Springs
  41. Complete Wiring Looms w/ Fuse Box
  42. 14" Bottle Cap Wheels

Tii Specific Parts Highlights, etc.
  1. Bigger Tii Struts
  2. Bigger Tii Rotors & Calipers
  3. Bigger Tii Front Hubs & Spindles
  4. Bigger Tii Master Cylinder
  5. Tii Rear Box Trailing Arms
  6. Tii Gas Tank w/ Pick-Up
  7. Tii Distributor
  8. Tii Water Pump
  9. Tii Oil Pump
  10. Tii Short Block


Along with these three more cars came some really great parts:



Small Collection of Nice Clean Parts


Center Consoles in EVERY CONFIGURATION Possible


Complete Under Dash Trim with Hard-to-Find Under Ignition Trim!!


Alternator ANYONE ??


Perfect '74 - '76 Left & Right Grill Set


Currently have 12.5 Pairs of Turn Signals in EVERY LEVEL of Quality


Perfect Used Instrument Cluster


Hood Locking Latch


Vintage Hubcaps from Early Car : )


Classic Cosmic Wheels



Every Price depends upon the level of perfection and there are nearly 1,700+ parts in Inventory right now so often times there are duplicates of these parts in varying levels of quality.

You are Welcome to Contact me directly, Call OR Text: 303 - 999 - 1190

Shipping is most commonly via USPS with the Parcel Select service which is Distance sensitive. Here, the weight of the package determines the Shipping cost. OR Priority Mail which is Flat-rate in standard boxes "If It Fits It Ships"

Large Packages between 60 lbs. and 100 lbs. may ship FedEx Ground. Larger shipments heavier than 100 lbs. are sent via Common Carrier with Pilot Freight who has 75 warehouses in major cities around the country.

Every Single Package is Shipped with Insurance.

I will ship to anywhere in the World : )

As always, thanks for Looking!


Feel Free to Call OR Text Bryce: 303 -- 999 -- 1190

Always the Fastest Method!

Enthusiast since 1973 : )  --  Helping other '02 friends for 5.5 years  --  Rebuilding '72  --  Shipping 5+ Orders @ week. 

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