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Bmw 2002 Parts For Sale

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Unfortunately I have to sell off these parts I’ve accumulated for a couple years. I don’t want to do it, but I need the cash. I’d rather sell these parts first before I decide on whether or not to post my car up for sale:

  1. E21 Front Recaro Seats (Freshly wrapped in black vinyl): $1,000.00 (comes w/ E21 rails)
  2. E24 Rear Bucket Seats w/ center console (Used – needs to be reupholstered): $200.00
  3. Front Wilwood Big Brake Kit (Brand New): $775.00 http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-brake-kits/02bbk300mm13.html
  4. Rear Drum Upgrade (250mm) (Brand New): $450.00 http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-brake-kits/02bbk06.html
  5. Tii Brake Master Cylinder (Used - Great Condition): $200.00
  6. Limited Slip Differential 3.91 (Used - Good Condition) comes with differential spacers w/ bolts and re-drilled flanges (ready for install): $500.00
  7. CV Joint Boot Kit (Brand New) - $75.00 (4 included)
  8. Rear Wheel Bearings (Brand New) - $75.00 (2 included)
  9. Getrag 245 5-Speed Transmission (Unknown Condition) – Pulled out of a running E21 with 125K. $300.00
  10. Front Strut Brace (Red) (Used – Great Condition) – $150.00
  11. Round Tail Light Lenses w/ Red Centers both sides (Good Condition) - $80.00
  12. Complete Upper Aluminum Trim (hood, trunk, doors, quarter panels, w/ corner collars; no clips or fasteners), both Rain Gutter Trim, Trim for Trunk Panel between Tail Lights, and Rocker Panel Molding (Fair Condition – Driver Quality) - $200.00
  13. Full set of BBS RM Wheels & spare (Good Condition) w/ Falken tires (Brand New) - $1400.00. Note: One wheel had a crack near the hub, but was repaired by a shop. I wanted to swap this out with the spare, but ended up using the wheel. Wheels are currently on my car with brand new tires. I’m trying to source some decent Basketweaves or Bottlecaps to replace them on my car before I let the wheels go. You can use them as-is or rebuild them if you wanted to. Wheel Specs: Front (15x6.5) – Tires 195/55/15 / Rear (15x7) – Tires 205/55/15.
  14. Front and Rear Windshield (Good Condition) came off a parted car - $100
  15. Lastly, if there is any interest in a 1973 BMW 2002, I'm on the fence with selling it. I'd prefer to sell these parts first to get the cash I need, and hopefully I can still keep my '02. Email me for details.

Cash preferred or PayPal (+ 3% charges). Locals preferred. Items can be picked up near Brea or Buena Park, CA. I will consider shipping, but you cover the costs. Most of these parts are heavy and big. First one to contact me gets priority. I’ll try to post pictures on here by this weekend. Any questions, hit me up on my email address rob@bballjunkies.com. Thanks, Rob.

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