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Bmw 2002-1600 66-76 Upgraded Complete Door Brake Set

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Here is the best replacement for the original BMW 2002 door brakes. They limit the travel exactly the same as the originals but these also dampen the swing of the door which puts less stress on the pillar mounts. They also have a mid-swing detent and a full open detent to hold the door open in the wind or on a hill. They have been cleaned and checked for as new operation. Modified and rebushed to have the same travel and pillar mount size as the originals. They come lubed with a correct size new pillar bolt and self locking nut and washers, bolts and washers for the door mounting and install instructions. They can be installed by pulling out just the bottom of the door panel without removing the whole panel. A set is 2 brakes one for each door, they are a exact size and fit replacement for the originals ( part #51216450014) or the BMW replacements (part #51210301601) and have the same appearance as originals when installed . FAQ SPECIAL COMPLETE SET WITH COVERS AND PILLAR MOUNT SEALS $120.00 shipped to any USA address. contact ( creativesales.comments@gmail.com) PayPal OK

Thanks Harry

Replacement for the BMW part on the following :

114 1602 SEDAN, U.S.

114 2002 SEDAN, U.S.

114 2002tii SEDAN, U.S.

114 1502 SEDAN, Euro

114 1600 CONVERTIBLE, Euro

114 1600 SEDAN, Euro

114 1600ti SEDAN, Euro

114 1602 TOURING, Euro

114 1602 SEDAN, Euro

114 1802 TOURING, Euro

114 1802 SEDAN, Euro

114 2000 TOURING, Euro

114 2000tii TOURING, Euro

114 2002 TOURING, Euro

114 2002 SEDAN, Euro

114 2002 CONVERTIBLE, Euro

114 2002ti SEDAN, Euro

114 2002tii SEDAN, Euro

114 2002tii TOURING, Euro

114 2002turbo SEDAN, Euro

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