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Why A 2002? He Needs One!


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My nephew is seeking to buy a 2002. I have one and have had 2 others before this one, a 1974 Sahara beauty that loves me back with very few mechanical quirks besides the occasional electrical hicupps like fussy fuses and stubborn heaters and windows that refuse my nudges, and whisteling trim singing in the rushing wind as I gleefully speed beyong the limit allowed legally, under the radar. Why did I buy this 3rd one? Cuz these 2002's are a rare breed. Fun to drive, SuPeR fun to drive, and easy to fiX! Simply a joy to own! The intereior is easily customizable with a few household items and the exterior is affordably remadied if trim or paint or stickers are required! Easy to keep stock, or affordable to trick out to the mAx! OH, the JoY of owning a 2002!

I want to share the perfection and joy of owning a 2002 with my nephew but wanted to get everyones input and suggestions to push him over the edge and join the 2002 revolution! It will be his first car. I pointed him to the site here to search and see what a community there is with the 2002. Send any and all reasons and obbsessive inclinations! He's looking at a 1976. Are any years better than others and any to avoid? Being his first car I want him to be blown away with this car as I was when I first had one.

Thanks everyone!



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3 things to look for, rust rust and rust, other than that its all fixable, later models are a little cheaper on parts, some like there ride, but roundies rule. Avoid at all costs having to smog one of these, high dollars for iffy success, also always refer to the 3 things to avoid above

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If your nephew is in California, avoid '76s as they still need to meet CA smog inspection, and that's a PITA.  Squarelight cars have a lesser quality interior (carpet and seat upholstery) than the roundies, as BMW had to save some $$ somewhere during the period when the German Mark was rising in relation to the dollar.  A 2002 that sold for $3400 fully equipped in 1969 was well over $6k by 1976.  


Most folks belive the late 72s and all 73s are the best year--roundie styling, two barrel manifolds and minimal smog stuff to remove.  The early ones are nice too, although harder to find (fewer sold and older, so fewer on the road).  They have less exterior trim and are a bit lighter than even the later roundies.  


Bottom line:  they're all nice; choose your preference, just get one with as little rust as possible unless you want a PROJECT.




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