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1974 Tii Fuel Line Replacement


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New to posting on this forum but have been a 2002 owner for some 15 years. Have had this one since 2004 and she has been a great daily car with little problems.....except being in the Caribbean, the rust has just about taken its toll.


I recently was left stranded when she acted like she was starving for fuel.  After towing her back home, we blocked her up and crawled under the front end where we determined that the fuel line heading to the fuel filter as it runs up and past the pedal assembly has a hole in it.  When I turn on the ignition and the fuel pump turns on,fuel is spitting out.


We usually have our mechanic take care of the maintenance but our budget has gotten a little tighter so we thought we would see if we could tackle this problem ourself.  The car will start fine and runs but the fuel is dripping from the fuel line and eventually the engine stops.


What is the best solution for the replacment of this metal line?  The leak also compromised the rubber spacer(?) between the frame and the pedal assembly.  Wondering if that needs to be replaced or not a vital part.


Appreciate your suggestions.





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it is at 2002tii?   unless you added an electric pump in the back, that line should not be under pressure on a normal 2002.


do not drive a car with a fuel leak.


the metal line can and should be replaced in its entirety.  if there is a hole in one spot, chances are there are many other holes just waiting to come through.  you can get alum line from most parts stores online.


NOT recommended for long term use, but for emergency repair split a small section of rubber fuel line, wrap around the metal line and put a hose clamp around hose on top of hole.  tighten.

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don't worry - not going to drive it - have another vehicle until we get this one going again - but the bimmer is much more fun to drive :)


it is a tii - vin 2782779


When I searched fuel lines for this year / model, they are only showing rubber fuel hoses sold by the meter.  Where can we source the metal ones?  Read through some posts on this forum and saw where rubber hose was used?

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+1, replace the entire length.  I'm thinking any "metal tube" of the same diameter can be used to replace the section, whether steel or aluminum.  As Mike noted, the parts store should have it, on-line or local.


As for routing, I have no idea where the line is routed, I've never traced it out.  It may not matter, as long as it's up and out of the way.





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I just used a roll of 5/16 metal fuel line from a NAPA store. It came in a box coiled up. I took it out of the box, gently uncoiled enough of it to reach. THat line starts and stops on the drivers side of the car. A flexible line connects the fuel pump to the hard line you are working with.


Take the old one out trying to preserve the shape of it. Then match the shape as good as you can. I bent mine with my hands being careful not to crimp it. The bends are gentle so no radical bends are necessary.


I started at the rear of the car working the "pre-shaped" new line along the path of the old one. Adjustments will be needed as you get it into place. There are little metal tabs under the car that holds the line. I think I used some strips of thin rubber to separate the tabs from the line.

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Thanks Bill for the specifis on "how to" and "where to get it".  Will check out Napa today and or maybe Koblenz could fly some in and help out on his birthday!


First thing now is to really put her "on the blocks"  or we could saddle a gut in the road and work on it that way.


We island folk get to be innovative not necessarily by choice.


Thanks again for the information folks.


Will report back when she on the go again.

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