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Ball Joint Puller/remover Help Please


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That's one of the toughest rod ends I've ever had the (dis) pleasure to pull apart.

And they often fail, just to add insult to injury.


I have a relatively generic Old Forge puller that I wedge on there, get a bit of

pressure against it,

then whack on the side of the arm- that usually does it.


If it was mine, I would replace it while I was at it...



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I purchased this tool for working on my classic mini, but have since used it on numerous other cars. Very stout. I use it with my electric impact wrench. Works like a charm and does not damage anything.

+1 with this style of tool. Never failed for me on all kinds of joints on all kinds of cars. Even used it as a small puller on other things.

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I've not had much luck with the long style puller - too wobbly. The shorter item in the pictures above are easier to control, but I remember winding on a LOT of pressure and wondering whether the tie rod or the tool would pop first. I'd wear safety glasses and be VERY careful.

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