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Thankful For The Faq


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I have own a 74Tii for about 20 years. Always with  the thought I would "1 day fix it". Anyway, back in January I lost my storage and it sat in the side yard for about a month - I  told myself either fix it or sell it. Walking out the next morning I made the choice to fix her up. I have taken enough shit over the years from my wife and daughters that selling would only add fuel for their fodder and I would never hear the end if it.


I'm not a wrench turner at all. I suck at working with my hand (wood, around the house, u name it). But I have come a long way in the past 10 months. I just found FAQ and could not be any more thankful for the site. I have been on the site everyday since I have found it. The "stance" thread kept me up til 1 in the morning. Still have some questions on this. Andrews(think he works at IE?) post on his project is a God send. I'm just getting the rear susp. back under the car. The time he has put into his post with pic. and text is such a help for my kind. The wealth of info on the site and the FAQ members is something to be thankful.


Thanks to those that spent your time getting this up and running and all that I plan on exploiting in the future.

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I've been working on 2002s for 44 years and writing about 'em for 25, and still learn something new almost every day on the FAQ.  This is exactly what Internet message boards should be about.  Kudos to the organizers and participants for keeping it that way over the past nearly 12 years...


Makes owning an 02 even more fun than it would otherwise be.




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