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Will Clutch Work With Calipers Off?


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Jim's talking correct semantics- an 'engaged' clutch is one that transmits power-

which it sounds like yours is doing.  A 'disengaged' clutch is one that doesn't,

and lets you shift, stop, etc.  Which it sounds like yours is not doing.


If you have the 4- speed, crawl underneath and have someone push the clutch pedal.

If the slave moves 1/2" or more, your clutch hydraulics are working and have fluid.


If the reservoir's dry, it's possible for the clutch to have enough fluid- the pipe that 

leads down to the master forms a rather large reservoir on its own.


But yes, the clutch system uses brake fluid to actuate, so it must be bled and fed like brakes.



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The clutch and brakes use the same reservoir but are completely different systems, one will not affect the other unless one is leaking and draining the reservoir.  So bad brake cylinders, calipers, or missing brake components should not affect your clutch unless they are allowing all our brake fluid to drain out (which is pretty apparent so you would know what the problem is at that point)

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I am about to replace slave/master/wheel cylinders because my clutch will not engage; however, im now wondering if it had anything to do with the fact I didn't have my calipers on the car?


Why would you want to engage or disengage the clutch if you don't have the calipers on your car?

If you disconnected the fluid lines to the calipers, the reservoir, which is shared with the clutch, is probably empty and there may not be enough fluid in the line leading to the clutch master cylinder to operate the clutch properly.  

That does not mean you need a new master and slave cylinder. Bleed the clutch system and go from there. 

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