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Block Coolant Screw Plug


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Making progress on my M10 rebuild and the block coolant screw plug/gasket ring has me stumped.


Machine shop removed it from block prior to bake/blast process and I believe that it contained an inner and outer washer or crush ring however when I got it back only the inner washer ring was included. It looks to have been glued to screw plug. A couple of well placed taps and remaining brown crud gave way and it was out.

Searched through Reinz lower gasket set and nothing to be found. Quick look at upper gasket set yielded inner and outer gasket rings that appear to fit. Just want to confirm these are the correct gasket rings and should I use rtv or some other adhesive on them prior to installation? 







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RealOEM only shows one sealing ring there, a 30mm aluminum one.  I would NOT suggest that you use any other kind of sealant, just snugging up against the new sealing ring should be fine.




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Are you talking about the 19mm hex plug under the exhaust manifold?  If you are...


I use a washer and a bit of RTV, too- I've had them seep, which, ironically, rusts them in place so badly

you can't get at them.  And they're already a bit hard to get leverage on.  AND when they pop loose, you

inevitably bust a knuckle on something really sharp.


RTV helps with all of that.


Or are you talking about the 32mm (?) one on the head that Byron thinks you're talking about?



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