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Talbot Mirrors, Testosterone, Tisa, And I Was Bmw Fed As A Child.


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  1.  Have you ever wondered why the balanced duality of bilateral front hood Talbot mirrors is so esthetically pleasing? I came across an old BMW ad on the FAQ today under the google /FAQ heading : "talbot mirrors and love. " You might enjoy it-very cleverly written BMW ad copy .    I think we are hardwired, from  a biological evolutionary standpoint to obsess on food, sex and .....BMWs with talbot mirrors. Yes-food-tits-sex-tits-talbots- tits-etc, who doesn't love these things about life.       I have been trying to fix/achieve one thing each day after work...but a classic screwed up work late Monday left me nurturing a double Manhattan while listening to the garage conrad johnson stereo-preparing to finish up the esty carpet install on the 1800 TiSa.  Alcohol is soothing but, unfortunately, diminishes follow through.  I decided it would be better to bag carpet installation tonight, the glue fumes don't go well with scotch, and instead eat, hang out with my girlfriend and indulge in a little intellectual mast........   You may not be into poetry, but if you  like ttt.... talbot mirrors you may enjoy the poem referenced below.
  2. Song of a Man Who is Loved - D.H. Lawrence - Kalliope
    www.kalliope.org › Digtere
    Song of a Man Who is Loved. Between her breasts is my home, between her breasts. Three sides set on me space and fear, but the fourth side rests. Sure and a ...

I couldn't find any really perfect recent  talbot mirror pictures, I had some of an old girlfriend in a wet T shirt spread out on the hood of my old  2000 CS, with twin Talbot 333s, but they need to be digitized.  P.S.- please add any Talbot or anatomically appropriate photos you can think of/may have, helps prevent boredom. Remember, your genes made you do it. Cheers, Peter







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Hans' remarks about '56 Buicks hold true for many GM cars of the era.  Cadillacs had even pointer front bumper guards on their '54-56 models.  They were generally referred to as "Dagmars," the name of a starlet of the era with, uh, natural endowments (pre-implant days) that closely resembled the chrome ones on said cars.  



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