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Misc. 2002 Parts

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For sale various miscellaneous parts from a donor car. All items can be sold separately or as a package. Bigger items are pick up only. I am willing to ship smaller items. I am located in the Detroit Metro Area.

Package price: $500

Individual price determined by part

All items are sold as is. If you wish to know more details about the parts please contact me directly.

Pick up only:

1 Rear end with half shafts – Unknown condition

1 Rear end – chipped tooth in the pinion gear

1 Door LH with both glasses and mirror – Some rust, not deep.

1 Door RH with both glasses and with no mirror – Some rust, deep on the rear corner

1 Engine hood – Some rust in the inside front area

1 Trunk lid

Pick up or ship items:

Misc - Dash fascia

Misc - Door chrome

2 Door opener handles

2 Door small window knobs

2 Door window levers

1 Emergency brake handle

1 Glove compartment

Misc – Door hardware

1 Rear window latch

1 Shift lever

1 Bottom steering column cover – no cracks

1 Top steering column cover – no cracks

1 RH switch – unknown condition

1 LH switch – unknown condition

1 Steering box – Has some play, requires maintenance, good core

1 2002 emblem

1 Center front grill

1 RH front grill

1 LH front grill – Part has a broken piece, comes with part

1 Front turn signal with bracket

1 Hood latch

1 Mirror Style 1 with no glass

1 Mirror Style 2 with broke glass – mirror is loose

2 Rear round tail lights – plastic is faded

1 Set of wiper blade arms (RH and LH)

1 Trunk lid latch

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