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What Would You Trade For Your 2002?


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Just curious,  if you ever wanted to trade your 2002 for any other vehicle, what would it be?  I would have a really hard time deciding so I'm interested to hear some results.





Yikes - I am within 10 posts of being a 10K poster.  Do I get a some sort of prize?

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tuff one to answer...our values have not really crept up that much, so that doesnt allow us to choose an equal valued car    that Id really  want.


We can still find a decent 02 under 10k.....there are not many other classic rides where that is true imo.

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Rocan's answer rocks.


If there are ground rules in this game, I think they need to be:


--No order-of-magnitude differences in values (sorry, Andrew)


Maybe that's the only one.


The trade that jumps to mind is a Porsche 993, last of the air-cooled hand-built 911s. Worth more than twice my not-original-not-restored-not-totally-rust-free-but-pretty-clean-and-now-5-speed-equipped '72tii, sure, but it's not like you're going to trade DOWN, right?

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I have always thought 2002s are neat cars, but I wasn't really looking for one, it just popped up on Craigslist and just seemed like a whole lotta fun for not a whole lotta money, which makes the trade thing a little harder.

As others have said, assuming the values roughly in the same ballpark, I have done the "working class British sports car thing" quite a bit, so MGs and Triumphs and such probably not. An Alfa GTV was mentioned, and I would jump all over that, but they seem to be trading in a little higher stratosphere than 2002s these days, I might consider an Alfa GTV6, never drove one, always wanted to try one out. I did have a first generation RX-7, which was a really nice car, you could probably get a GSL-SE with the bigger, fuel injected motor and still trade down get it for less than a nice BMW 2002, I might consider that, nice balanced package, very good handling. There was a time not that long ago when a Porsche 912 was a little cheaper, but they are getting goofy money these days too, maybe a Porsche 928 with a manual tranny, you can get in cheap enough, but king of big and heavy, and of course expensive to repair. I have always wanted a Saab Sonnet III and would trade my 2002 for a nice one .

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