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Stepped Into A Twilight Zone This Morning


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This morning having the inability to sleep I fired up my laptop and started going through my usual sites and forums, after that was done I was still bored and I bumbled on Car Domain and found my old cars I used to have. Than I pondered if there was any trace of my 2002 before I owned it, and well... I type in "1974 bmw 2002 alberta" and boom my old car pops up from an old for sale ad... Heres how she looked back in the day!













Im actually pretty darn sure that between the three years this car was in the ownership of this guy, and me, it has seen some serious track days. Its a bit rougher around the edges and a few extra little dents and dings but thats her in all her beautiful glory.


I must say she looked pretty good back in the day, now she is looking to be an ill mannered freak on the streets haha!


Has anyone else dug up history on there old cars?

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A few years ago I googled BMW plus my VIN and found 2 ads where it had been listed for sale in the mid Atlantic BMWCCA newsletter. One from about 92 and the other from 98. Both had emails and phone numbers and I actually talked to the guy from 98. I was all excited and he was like "well, I've had a lot of cars and don't really remember that one too well". The adds did have info on mileage and recent upgrades, so I did learn some about the car's history.

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