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experienced....  with the right tools... 45 minutes tops....pitman arm is not that hard to remove.  


The pitman arm needs to be marked prior to removing (mine had factory alignment marks but check yours)  so it goes back on for even movement L&R.


Ireland Engineering (board sponsor) has the full kit with instructions.   I did it in about an hour.  Both seals and a new gasket.





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You are welcome and true for both above!  I used the free rental tool at autozone that is a bearing puller along with PB blaster a little heat and luck...


Preload is VERY important... too tight and she will lock up under load in a turn and you will crash or go off the road!   


Search for the play in the forum.  You cannot get rid of all of it and as it turns it gets worse.  Center though can be pretty good (play free) and that is where you in theory spend most of your time... straight line.... but  2002's are for turns...  :0


Keep us posted!   Search the forums and Welcome to one of the best sites on the web (car related :)  threw that in for Ray!  He knows!

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