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Playing With My Eastwood Powder Kit Tonight..


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Bead blasted the parts this afternoon, then used Eastwood's Satin Clear powder.  I think I kinda blew it, you're supposed to clean it before you powder it, so after blasting them, I thought that would be good enough.  They were beautiful before I put the powder on and while they were baking, but when done it looked like I had baked some corrosion into the timing cover. 



Here they are just before going into the oven.



in oven



Looks pretty good from the right angle



But if you turn it just right, you can see the corrosion building up under the coating.



The waterneck and the diz housing turned out pretty good.



Tomorrow, I'm going to reblast the timing cover, the cannon manifold and a valve cover and give it another shot after scrubbing the crap out of them.





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What you may be seeing is oil coming from deep in the parts as you baked trapping under the powder


Try cleaning first with Marine Clean, then bake, baking the oils out of the parts, clean again with Marine Clean, if all clear, powder coat always handling with gloves. The oils from your hands, can cause powder to fail.


I like the color and finish.


Just remember to THOROUGHLY rinse the inside of anything you blast. No need to have the media running around your cooling system or engine.

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I wish, I haven't had time.  I did start to beadblast the front cover




As a testament to how sturdy this stuff is, this is as far as I got with 15 min of blasting.  I gave up thinking that I'd just try it on another cover.  Got home and slapped some aircraft stripper on it, that took it off pretty well.


While that cover was stripping I started on the valve cover.  I scrubbed it good with Marine clean and baked it a bit.  HUGE plume of smoke coming out of the breather hole so I took it out.  I don't know if the burnt oil fumes will kill the finish or not, but I don't wanna take a chance so I drilled the rivets out to remove the coverplate.  I remember reading somewhere that that needs to be done anyway to install ARP studs in the head so that's not a biggie.  Another thing, the Marine clean discolors the aluminium, so I'm going to try just a good scrubbing with Dawn next time. 

Going to finish cleaning the grease and try again tomorrow.



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