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San Diego Area Owners - Limited Slip Differential For Sale

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I have a used, Limited Slip Differential (LSD) from a BMW 320i that is currently set-up for use in the 1968-76 BMW 2002. It will also fit back in the BMW 320i or early BMW 1600, 1602 cars and other models with modifications. It was pulled from a running 1968 BMW 1602. All the hard work is done, no need to source spacers or find the right half-shafts. It was upgraded with Poly bushings on the mounting hanger, which should significantly improve the performance over the stock rubber bushings. It is ready to bolt-in your car, takes about 30 minutes, less with 2 people. I would however order a set (2) of CV joint boots to replace the driver's side set that are slightly torn. You can get them from Ireland Engineering.

These LSD differentials are getting harder and harder to source and this is a good, running unit. Check e-bay, mine is priced substantially lower than those currently listed. This is a very heavy part, so I prefer not to ship.


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