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Blinker And Tii Fuel Pump


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On my '71 tii clone, I have noticed that when I'm stopped at traffic light and idling, the sound of the OEM tii fuel pump varies in direct relation to the blinker.  If the blinker is off, the sound is steady.  If the blinker is on (either right or left) the sound fluctuates.


I'm thinking it's a poor ground somewhere, but not sure whether it would be the ground to the fuel pump or the ground to each of directional bulbs or somewhere else.


In a related issue...when I turn on my left blinker, the green indicator light on the dashboard blinks twice and then disappears even though the blinker is still turned on and the lights (both front and rear) are still blinking correctly.  That happens on the left side.  When I turn on the right blinker, the light on the dashboard only blinks once and then disappears (again, even though the lights are blinking correctly).


Any thoughts as to the cause of these two possibly related gremlins?


Regards, Maurice.

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First problem: sound's like your pump and signal lights are on the same curcuit.  Not good.  Depending on how molested your car is, it could be underneath at the fuel pump location, where someone has done some rewiring, OR at the fuse box.


Second problem: is not unusual. Poor circuits to your lights will still allow blinker and lights to function, but the dash light will be intermittent.

Go to each of your lights, clean all terminals, connections, making sure there is proper grounding, AND make sure that all your bulbs are the correct wattage( makes a big difference).


Lastly while your in your fuse box looking for the fuel pump problem, clean all contacts.


Hopefully that will help you.


Good luck.

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my '74tii:  fuel pump and blinkers are on the same fuse.


In retrospect, I'm convinced that one of the symptoms of my fuel pump beginning to fail (i.e., drawing more & more amps as it began to seize up) was blinker operation:  at night with the headlights on, the blinker would blink once and stop blinking.  After I replaced the fuel pump, no more blinker problem.


Do some Forum searching on "tii fuel pump" for more background on the fuel pump and it's peculiar care and feeding: 







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Although I've owned the car since new and drove it first as a daily driver (15 years) and then much less frequently, it has sat for about the last 6 years.  This may be the underlying cause of corrosion on a lot of the contacts.


I will clean all terminals at the fuse box and at each of the lights and also clean out or replace the fuel filters.  I've already done the in-tank filter and the filter by the side of the radiator but have to get at the three other little filters.


Original Owner:  Thanks for those links...A wealth of information on the tii fuel pump and system.


bnam:  Which front flasher are you referring to?  Is it the little cylindrical relay that sits on the left front side of the engine compartment or one under the dash?


Thanks for all the advice.  I will report back as soon as I resolve the issues.


Regards, Maurice.

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The voltage regulator grounds thru the attaching bolt. Shine that one up too!



I'm shining away as we "speak".


Regards, Maurice.

I meant the front blinkers -- at the light.  Remove the 2 screws to remove the front blinker, swap the wires and try.

Thanks for the clarification.


Regards, Maurice.

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If you're still having problems with the inside turn signal flasher blinking only once or twice, do a search on the problem.  I posted a fix on that several years ago that's pretty easy and doesn't involve the bulbs/sockets (make sure they're clean and grounded, though).  If you can't find the post, drop me and e-mail and I'll send you the information.




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Hi Schoir!


My 2 cents, the FIRST thing you should do is this ~$15 upgrade to an electronic flasher unit.  This will solve your blinker problems forever and will take a *little* load out of the system as well.  Full instructions here:



Then start tackling your fuel pump circuit.  Make sure the ground is really good, and then make sure it's getting the +12V supplied via a relay.  Not sure how the tii pump circuit was originally setup, but for a high current application like that you always want the same general setup: Battery -> Fuse -> Relay -> Load -> Ground.  The key is using a relay to do the high current switching for the load and then you use whatever low-current circuit to control the relay.



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