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Bavauto Ultimate Car Cover: Purchase Y On N?


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I recently received an email from Bravarian Autosport.  Their 'winter' specials include a $20 savings on their ULTIMATE car cover, now $164.95.


My question is simply, "Is it worth it?"


With the number of cars we have, my 2002 spends quite a bit of time outside.  I've had car covers before but the Las Vegas heat/sun destroys them in no time at all.


I'd really like to get something to protect the car this winter while it's parked outside, but I don't want to spend that kind on money on something that isn't worth the investment. The LIFETIME warranty has me intrigued.


Material? Construction? Fit? Wear? Actual level of protection? Waterproof?


Will someone please share their experience, thoughts and/or opinions on this cover please.


Thanks in advance,


Jeffrey 8^)



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I have one and my car is parked outside all winter in Brooklyn. It isn't water-proof but the majority of the water rolls off the cover and doesn't soak through. It does the job, but I'm guessing there are better options like the NOAH covers, etc. I got it mostly because it was on sale last year and the lifetime warranty. One of the buckles is a little finicky on mine and I don't use the center strap with the lock. It will mostly just bang your doors on windy days. The material is very light and it folds up easily.


So far it's been through several snow storms, ice and Hurricane Sandy and it's still working. So far so good I guess.

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i bought several of the Ultimate Car Covers solely for the reason that they are guaranteed for life.  they last about 3 years on average and i have had about 4 replacements so far.  the last time i had to give a little more explanation to them, but i provided a receipt and they honored the replacement.  they are more like rain deflectors.  eventually, the sun will make them brittle and wind causes them to wear at spots.  i am finding a cheaper alternative is to purchase a roll of 6mil black plastic sheeting and cut to size.  there are neat clips that can be attached at the edges for use with bungee cord or rope to secure. 


i also purchased a NOAH cover and it has held up for 6 years outside so far.  it is covering a shell so i haven't watched closely if rain is getting in or not.  it does, however, breath a bit better than the Ultimate Cover.  Black plastic will definitely cause condensation so be careful.  it's really tough to have to rely solely on a car cover to protect a car.  a carport is an unbelievably vast improvement when used in conjunction with a cover.  and those of you with a garage....., that is car nirvana.

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Anyone else have any other covers or experience with these they'd like to share? 


I just moved from a house with a garage in San Diego to outside parking in Denver...  Not quite sure if I'll go with a cover or look for storage, as I'm still getting used to the neighborhood and have heard some people's experiences about rims being stolen off cars (this was years ago in the neighborhood's defense), etc. 


But yeah, any other covers out there people would recommend?

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storage would be optimum, but this is a nice cover. Long term coverage prob not the best option. I use it for a couple weeks a year when on vacation.


Careful when removing cover: It can catch on raingutter trim and pull/bend it up - so remove from front towards rear of car

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