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Distributor Vacuume Hook Up On Weber 38


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Ok, got the motor and carb 99% hooked up and ready to fire up, just need help hooking up the distributor advance line(s).  Coming off my distributer there are two vacuume lines...Im assuiming one is advance and one is retarding? Im new to this vacuume distributer thing, so I really have no clue. There is a port on the carb to hook up the vacuume advance, if I do this do I just cap off the retard line? Hook it up somewhere else? Or just cap them both off at the carb and the distributer. Thanks again for all your help. Hoping to fire it up next weekend for the kid.



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The best way to determine which nipple is ported vacuum and which is manifold is to start the car, put your vacuum gauge on each port and see which port has vacuum at idle and which one does not.  You want the one that does not show a vacuum signal at idle for your advance. Slowly increase the idle, if the vacuum builds you have the correct port. Failing that, take a can of carb cleaner, insert the straw into the port, give it a squire while looking down the throat of the carb to see if the cleaner exits above the closed throttle butterfly.  That would be your ported vacuum.  This is easiest with the carb off the manifold.


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