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Lucas Flamethrower Pencil Beams - Covers


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These were bought in 1967 by my dad for his Austin 1100.  There were later transferred to his 71 2002... and then to his new (now my) 73 Tii that he traded the 2002 for.  They are Lucas "pencil beam" flamethrowers, probably not worth much... would be willing to sell cheap as I am sure the colored lens makes them even less valuable...


Just kidding.  Anyway, can anyone confirm if they are 576's?  Car just went into storage and I totally forgot to measure them.  I was hoping to get covers but found surprisingly little, but figured that confirming the model would make my searches easier. 





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Those look pretty close to the set that I have and I'm pretty sure they're the 576's.


My dad gave me a set.  Something about coming off somebody else's boat. Different reflectors (forward of the bulb reflector) on each.  They were 6v and I had to get 12v bulbs (LLB323).  Got them installed.  Look pretty good other than they're not German :)


If anyone needs 6v bulbs, let me know.


If you do ever want to get rid of those, keep me in mind.  I dig the coloured glass.

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