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Aaaand, From The 'there, I-Fixed-It Department'


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Got a leaky steering box?

Tired of those smelly oil spots on the driveway?

Order your very own FIX-IT-KIT today!


Kit comes with : Cat food can, bronze wool, rubber band and stainless steel retainer ring.

Also available in an aerodynamic version, for track use!







(aerodynamic version - for track use only)



(easy to follow installation instructions included)


EDIT: Sorry to plaaagerize your title style Hack, all in good fun!  Tom

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Yes nine-lives will work and the extra capacity means longer maintenance intervals. If you give the can a pinch it improves the pitch.

The bronze wool adds to the fancy-factor, but steel wool will work just as well, with nine lives. (All that oil will keep it from rusting).

It is probably best if you let Kitz pick the can.

(Not sure where you will find a rubber band to match your Golf paint though).

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TR, thank you for your interest! For those concerned with weight, I'd suggest removing the label from the can. The motivation for this upgrade part was to avoid having to clean up mini oil spills in my driveway. On race day, I would recommend removing the can completely and your car will get lighter with every drip, giving you that extra advantage at the finish line.

I'd not considered the carbon fiber option, as it seems cost prohibitive. Perhaps I should try a polycarbonate model, made from the bottom of a water bottle. It would allow visual assessment of the oil level and go nicely with the clear clutch slave tube (which I assume came stock on a '76).

Aesthetically speaking, I think the Fancy Feast - Tender Beef Feast - (brown label) would go nicely with your Colorado paint.

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76Mint - until you are selling these like hot cakes I guess cost is a problem.  Carbon and Colorado are the perfect dolor combo.  So for all your buyers that are concerned they won't have "street cred" when people look under their cars I have the solution.  I'll be printing "carbon look" labels on glossy material.  At a distance of more than 1 ft. nobody can tell the difference.  The extra weight will be worth the really cool look of this "must have" performance accessory!

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