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Stealth Led 3Rd Brake Lights


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I am making four LED 3rd brake lights which are nearly invisible when off and very bright when on. They are the best solution I have found here on the FAQ which do not detract from the car. Made ready to install.

They are $35/each includes shipping and installation instructions.


First come first served, Paypal to brunswickfarm at gmail dot com. Please PM your real name and shipping address.







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Here's the bigger version I run in my car (90cm).




They look like this installed. If you look really hard you can see it, but as the OP said. Almost invisible.





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I notice in your picture you have your lights fitted to an 02 with the air extraction slot at the trailing edge of the headliner (that opening in your pix just above the light assy).  Sunroof cars don't have that opening as the air extraction pipes are plugged.  Will your light assy fit those cars as invisibly?  You might want to check out a sunroof car to see what I'm talking about.


Looks like a very neat solution to the problem.




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I bought some of the strips you're using to experiment when I saw this being done some months back.


The quality control on the strip is pretty bad (a good reason for folks to buy tested from you rather than direct from the supplier), and I wasn't entirely thrilled with the overall brightness or LED-to-LED consistency so I kept searching.


My current favourite is this assembly:




It's much brighter, although actually quite small (the illuminated section is about 6" long) and the consistency seems to be good. You get two in the box, but one would probably be enough. I haven't experimented with mounting, but they have what seems to be 3M adhesive strips on the back so they'll probably hold up and mount in the same position. I could also imagine making a small right-angle bracket out of some black-anodised L-channel and fastening it to the parcel shelf.


It has some drawbacks (which is why I'm suggesting this to you as a supplier - fixing these would be value-add); in particular the wire sheath is not anchored to the body of the light, so it would benefit from some form of reinforcement (I am using black RTV), and obviously it is going to need more suitable wiring / connectors to be a drop-in to the '02.


HTH, and thanks for taking the time to address this problem for the community.

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