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Hi you never going to believe this but I decided to go get keys made for my BMW 73 considering I only had one set I want to Manetta found the great key of choice was 22 bucks key came in the mail on top of that I posted earlier about a lock that was broken inside the doorhandle cylinder but I had to Gary. But it was really great with their replies and I thank you, now. Am prepared to take the both locks off the door was a beautiful day in Boston and I ultimately dropped the original set of keys in the leaves at my feet feeling completely horrified because losing keys in the leaves is not a good thing I put them deep inside my Levi's pocket as I proceeded to my house to go about the rest of my business well ultimately what happened was I realized that the lock cylinder could be fixed at that point that I need to do it on another day the other day came and sure enough I lost the original set of keys.

I am in a state of shock I've contacted everybody that there is to contact and keep in mind that it's Street cleaning day on the 21st here so not only is my car steering wheel locked and I can't push it anyway because inside a curb I am completely stuck so I need someone in Boston who can come down cut a key configure my new lock cylinders that I have and make everything correct is there a method that I'm supposed to go through an order to get this done correctly do I use the on line key maker man… also I noticed a number underneath the lock cylinder just upon speculation I did not take the lock cylinder out from the ignition.

Number was W7606 or something like that and it seems like one person at a nearby town that I contacted seems to believe that from this number he can actually cut the key for me is this number which I believe is on a piece of paper tiny the number that I needed to get this key cut or is there a contextual number somewhere deep within the lock that I need to research ? thank you

I have to apologize for any wonky word midship or wordsmithing considering that I can successfully say that I am speaking on a voice type thank god because of my fat fingers

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