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5 Speed Driveline....


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So I have the engine and transmission back in the car, new driveline measured but cannot find a shop that is willing/able to shorten the shaft. I could order a pre shortened driveline from Ireland or a few other places online but I would rather have the one I have shortened since it seems that the vary in lengths. Has anyone else found this problem? Or can anyone recomend a shop in utah that can do this?

Also, what all is involved in shortening the shaft that would make it so hard to do?

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thanks for all the replies, in regards to using the stock size i can see how that would make sense. however this also brings up a additional questions regarding the driveline.


First, it seems that most people prefer to use the 6 bolt driveline instead of the 8 bolt that came standard with my car. Is there a major issue with using the 8 bolt? How much better is it to use the 6 bolt?


Second, i picked up a six bolt driveline with my transmission but im not sure it is the "right" one to use. The overall length of the shaft is already about 2 inches shorter than the 8 bolt shaft, but the major issue is that it is shorter on the side that runs from the center support to the diff. so in order to use this shaft i would have to shorten from the flange to the center support by 2 inches... while lengthening from the differential to the center support by 2.75 inches. 


i am interested to hear back on this because of the discrepancy between the two lines if i used the stock measurements on the 6 bolt shaft i would be substantially off on the overall length. However if i use the 8 bolt option i will be in the ballpark with using the standard size.  


do i simply have the wrong driveline?


see attached photos.



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When shortening, it is only the front section that needs to be shortened. The rear section remains the same, so the the mounting point of the center support bearing remains the same. That's why you want the 2002 shaft to be the starting point of the shortening. Call that one Driveshaft A. Not sure what car your other shaft camem out of. Call that one Driveshaft B. I assume it's from a 320i (maybe it came with the transmission). As Tommy says, the output flange on your gearbox has to match the input flange on the driveshaft. So, if both the gearbox and driveshaft B have a 3-bolt flange, that's why you could take them both to a shop and say "cut the three-bolt flange off driveshaft B, put it on driveshaft A, and make the length of driveshaft A shorter than its original length by 3.5625." (Or measure the flange-to-flange distance for yourself, if you decide that route is better for you.)

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There is nothing wrong with using the 8 bolt DS that came with your car. If you do use the the flange from the 6 bolt, make sure it is the same size as what is on your transmission. The automatics have a 3 bolt flange but it is larger than the manual 3 bolt flange. Also, a drive shaft from an auto 2002 is already shorter than a shortened 5 speed DS. I don't know about where the center support is on it though.

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