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Engine Mounts


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Oh great wise ones, I am in need of your assistance if I may.


So the motor seemed to have too much vibration and from forum posts, most advise was to replace the mounts (and damper?) .

Question :

The damper (right side mount) I got from BMW is longer than the (NLA Bilstein) one I am replacing. Is there a new bracket to fit the larger damper?




 Thank you in advance and please pardon the newbishness ;)

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I'm sorry but could you post a picture of this "Bilstein" engine mount you had in there?  The passenger side mount (right side) should sit on top of a retention bracket (sleigh shaped) easy as pie.  


for example here's a picture of the one on my car prior to putting it back up on the car (just note the bolts holding the mount should be facing downward, not like how its shown in the photo).


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