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Help Identifying Front Section Of Driveshaft With Different Bushing


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I bought this shortened driveshaft on CL a few years back. I now have the 5-speed in the tii and was about to install the driveshaft when I looked at the nose of the shaft and saw that it has no dust cover. I looked inside and it looks like it's a single rubber bushing (see attached). It's not like I'm accustomed to seeing, where there's a dust cap over the end that covers a bushing held in with a snap ring with a spring behind it. The nose on every other drive shaft I have looks like this (scroll to the bottom):




The Penske blowup of parts, showing the normal dust cap, bushing, spring, etc, is here:




Then I noticed that the tip of the shaft has a step cut in it, so it can't hold a dust cover. The last two pics shows a comparison of the shortened shaft next to the shaft I pulled out of the tii (with the dust cover off).


I think I'll try installing it in the car, as I need to test-fit it to length anyway, but... the different bushing notwithstanding, can anyone explain why the end of the shaft itself is different? Was there a difference between earlier and later cars?








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