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1973 2002

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OK, here's what I have:

A DRY (re: one soft spot in spare well) '73 2002 in *NEW Nevada paint from CA. I have a lot of records including the original dealer reciept. It's a roller in that it does not have the engine installed. Trim and is all there and in good condition. Bumpers are nice but some surface peel/rust.

I have an M10 for it with 1.8 head, headers, Crane ignition, new plugs, wires, 32/36 Weber, Pipercross FIlter, and water pump. Engine was supposedly rebuilt and never used (looks clean as hell!). I detailed it by painting block and head as well as crinkle-coated valve cover(black). The transmission is in the car.

I have new KYB shocks, H&R springs, rear urethane bushing kit, electric fuel pump(used), Roundels, front windshield gasket, center track rod, ball joints, old school rubber hood hold-downs, new HD engine and tranny mounts, new t-stat, mew water pump, 320 radiator, and Momo Indy Steering wheel w/hub(used, incredible condition). I'm sure there's other stuff I'm forgetting. NONE of the aforementioned has been installed.

I have the original M10 that was in the car that is also included - it's seized however.

I cut out and welded in a patch on driver front fender - The rest of the car is dry as a bone!!!!!! The ineterior is in great shape - the front seats have splits in bottom cushions. Nothing is missing inside of car and I think it looks incredible!

*Now - the "bad":

The new paint kinda sucks! I had an old guy paint it and he's lost his touch. You could touch up here and there or do it all over again. If you touched it up you'd have a car with a 8.5' paint job. If you did it all over again and fixed every little ding you'd have a close-to-show car!

I was going to put some 14" steel wheels from an e30 on it and build an old school rally-looking hot rod with big CIBIE's. The wheels on it are original and I do have the original chrome hub caps for them that are in very god condition as well.

I'm NOT parting it. Period. If it doesn't sell I'll wrap it up and store it until I can finish it. (I do military contract work and the shut down screwed me!)

SO....price - $3000 and I'm going to have to say that's firm. The car is in Central VA - an hour north of Richmond and 2 hours south of Fairfax.

I really do doubt you could find a car much "drier" than this one in the mid-Atlantic.

If you have any more questions or want more pics text and/or call: FIVE4ZERO 2ZERO6 SIXTEEN0EIGHT or email: mcclure3rdatmac.com

Year: 1973

Make: BMW

Model: 2002

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I've needed to update this ad for sometime and I apologize for not doing so sooner.


I've started a little restoration on this car - like I needed to put money in another old Bimmer - and I've had a lot of people wondering if it's still for sale.


It's for sale but it's an on-going and sloooooooooooooow restoration so the price is slooooooooooooooowly climbing. I'd be glad to put the wrench down at any point and sell it as is if anyone is interested. If not I'm gonna finish her up and enjoy the old girl!


Anyway - that's what's going on with it...


Stuff done:
- Paint (Not the best job in the world but damn presentable)
-wheels and tires
-springs (H&R)
-a-arms with poly bushings
-rear poly bushings (not installed yet)
-poly steering shaft bushing
-HD engine and tranny mounts
-Momo Indy and hub
-shift tower mount bushings
-Crane 3000 ingnition
-"new" used engine, need to time it (still have the original)
-electric fuel pump
-weber carb
-Pipercross air filter
-ball joints
-brakes and rotors
-stainless braided brake lines
- new clutch and throwout bearing
-new windshield with gasket
-new carpet ordered
-320 radiator
-electric pusher fan
-IE plug wires
-new coil
-water pump
-urethane sway bar links (front only right now..)
-M3 starter







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