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A New 2002 Book?


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I am working on submitting a proposal for a 2002 book to a well known automotive publisher (whom I have previously worked for), and I though it would be great to include information from 02Faq members. Working title of: 101 projects for your 2002.  It would include repair and renewal information on the most common 101 jobs to keep your 2002 running, minor restoration (like replacing trim or rebuilding parts),common mechanical jobs, like ignition timing,brake renewal,etc.  The focus is on common tasks that a home mechanic could do.  The tone would be less factory technical manual but more user friendly to the common home mechanic, similar in tone to the tips found in the forums.  Including information where non factory materials or techniques could be used. I have a finished and painted 2002 shell and all the parts to restore it so that I can photograph the jobs as I build the car. I think the 2002faq group with so many years of hands on-experience would be an asset for making this work.


Would you be inclined to buy this book?

What 101 jobs would you like to see included? 

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.




A little about me:

I have written for the BMW CCA Roundel and for a publisher of repair manuals. I have owned many 02's

and am currently doing a total restoration on a 72 2002tii. Most of my BMW's have been repaired and modified by myself. I owned a BMW parts store for 15 years, hiring a young Will Turner in his first automotive job.  I worked for NBC Studios for 16 years, and spent the last 2 years selling NOS BMW parts on the side.

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i would buy it. i would like lots of photos to go along with the directions. haynes doesn't have the best photos to follow along. i would focus a lot on the tips, tricks, and things to watch out for with these cars. a list of trusted suppliers and sources would also be helpful. would you consider "202 projects"? 

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I would be interested.

Brake servicing, checking and cleaning sunroof drains, setting valves, oil discussion, wheel/tire guide, routine nuts and bolts checks, diy carpets, console removal/install, upgrading lights, diy shocks and springs, routine annual checkup, essential toolbox, etc.

My only advice would be step by step procedures with needed tool list and pictures. Even if covered in other resources, avoid referring readers to them... Make your book comprehensive for what it choses to cover. I personally hate flipping between resources for a procedure. Cover less items but do it well. Keep your items to simple low cost, but routine, that can be done with a few jack stands, common tools, and no to minimal help.

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The guide is just that... A guide. It is less of a step by step, and more a supplemental (essential) to the factory manual and or haynes.

The niche the could be filled is something that has the common language, practicality and experience behind it as the restoration guide, but the step by step of the manuals. Focus on easy/routine/02 specific stuff and you are good to go

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2002 pages ?

Chapter One :  Cleaning Things

Chapter Two :  Leaky Things

Chapter Three :  Squeaky Things


(my steering system's got both right now.  it is leaking on my new control arm bushing.  no squeak there!  it's in the radius arm bearings... if I could just move that leak to the other side of the car... time to hang a cat food can)  


Chapter Four :  Ordering Part$


(funny thing is, I already have the seals and bearings to fix both...)


I need a  '[ user friendly NEW book of tricks ]'


(I'd probably just look at the pictures though)










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I think the book would a great addition for anyone owning a 2002. I for one would buy the book. There is a lot of useful information  on the FAQ's but sometimes difficult to find what you need when you need it. It would be nice to have step by step instructions to common projects in one book.


I would start with the basics such as tune ups, timing, valve adjustment, cooling system then go into upgrades such as brakes and suspension.


Two items I would like to see covered are 5 speed and AC install. Of course I hope to have mine done before the book goes to print. 

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What, another BMW2002-related book?


Don’t we have enough of these already?  Of course we don’t!

Would I consider buying it?  Of course I would!  In fact, I’d buy it in an instant!!


What would I like to see in the book?

Detailed, hi-res, hi-contrast pictures with detailed, informative text would be a big plus.

Lots of details on compression/leak-down testing, wheel bearings, bushing replacement, etc.


Also, your personal comments on solving certain problems that you run into during your build/restore process would be very helpful.


+1 on the 5-speed install, from start-to-finish.


Good luck!

I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress.



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Ditto on the AC install. How about re doing a door panel with a new wood backer ala Dave at aardvark? I have pics if you need them. Maybe MLytles gas pedal. Try not to go over stuff already covered in other books. You won't see the last two items in any book. A Megasquirt install might be nice although maybe beyond the complexity level you want.

Good to hear from you Henry. I bought euro 635 parts from you in the eighties. I know you've been around the BMW scene for a long time. Kudos to you for attempting this. It's a lot of work and time consuming but I am sure it will be a labor of love for you

Good luck

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