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Brand new to FAQ. I have had my 76 for almost 2 years now but normally my dad would solve all the problems and strange noises that would occur for me since i have 0 car experience. Living on my own now since i joined the army 8 months ago and can finally afford to restore my car.


Starting off restoring the interior. All that's left is to repair the seats and get new inner door panels.


I have a capret set on the way and also a new headliner.


Also looking to install euro style bumpers. If anyone knows anybody selling a rear euro bumper please let me know!


One of my questions is would it be cheaper to buy a new drvier side door panel and dye all the others black. Or just buy all the front and rear door panels themselves?


If anyone has any experience in this or has extra door panels, or knows of someone selling door panels please let me know.

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