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Suspension Question - Koni / H&r


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after digging around for a while I wasn't able to come across a great answer, so starting a new thread. 


I bought some adjustable konis

Koni Shock - Sport Series (80-1868SPORT)
Koni Shock - Sport Series (86-1519SPORT)
and H&R sport springs
outside of the install process being nuts because the current driver strut was fused into the housing, i also found out that my bump stops are finished as they just crumbled apart. the Konis didn't come with new bump stops (verified they weren't just missing from the box)  
I got a bit confused if I should be trying to find a Koni stop like http://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/koni/department/chassis-suspension/part-type/frame-bump-stops
I'm hoping someone can set me straight and recommend/direct me to a decent source for the front bump stops. also since the car didn't have a sleeve i should probably put one on?
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thanks guys. I got in touch with someone at koni, and for reference he said that front strut part# needs a 20mm inner diameter bump. He said a progressive soft is what most people go with for daily use and directed me to this table. http://www.koniracing.com/bumpstops.cfm



It looks like they are $20-25 each, but i won't have to wait the 3-4 weeks to get one from Germany, as a few dealers quoted me for oem. Still need to source the dust sleeves, but will hopefully be on my way putting it back together. 



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I was also talking to a guy at IE and he said instead of waiting for dust sleeves from Germany, he just uses an outer steering rack boot from a 320i says it's practically the same thing and much easier to find in stock for under $10.


also, sorry for neglecting photos earlier, they make every thread better. 








stupid fused strut...making me find another housing before i can finish the project....

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