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Sf Bay Area O2'er Willing To Help With Valve Adjusting


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Hello Bay Area 02'ers,


I'm a complete beginner to 02's and could use help adjusting valves on my 75 02. I'm specifically having trouble locating the crankshaft nut/pulley to turn the engine. I'm also not sure how to tell if my rocker is positioned at TDC to properly adjust the valves (this is my first time). I'm a quick learner if I can see how it's done first.


I've search the web for videos of someone performing a valve job on an 02, and nothing's come up. I've read also all posts dedicated to valve adjustments here on bmw2002faq, but would still like to see the process in person, if possible. 


If anyone is willing to help, I would be forever grateful. Please let me know!







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Remove the spark plugs so the engine is easy to turn over, and if your alternator belt is tensioned properly you can use the alternator pulley nut to turn the engine over clockwise with a socket and ratchet. If the belt slips, you can add more tension to the belt with your hand while turning the engine. I use the fan to turn the engine on my tii (with the plugs removed of course) since the alternator is hard to get to from the top with the injection pump in the way.


Do you have a shop manual? It should show how to determine TDC on cylinder #1 using the timing mark under the distributor cap and the flywheel and/or crank pulley marks. Once you get that figured out, you will notice that the cylinder #1 rocker arm pads are resting on the "base circles" of the camshaft, and the pointed lobes are facing down. You should be able to wiggle both of the rocker arms, indicating that they are closed and there is clearance between the #1 rockers and valve stems. After setting the valve clearances through much trial and error, rotate the engine 180 degrees while watching the #3 camshaft lobes. Repeat for each cylinder in the firing order.


Valve adjustment on any engine takes practice and patience but is pretty easy after doing it a few times. I have found that it is easy to set BMW eccentric-type adjusters too loose and you will get noisy valves; the fit of the feeler blade between each valve and rocker should be pretty snug, but you should still be able to slip the blade in and out. The adjustment eccentrics can also wear out on these engines, causing it to be difficult to achieve the correct clearance. It might be a good idea to have some extras on hand.


Good luck and hopefully someone can help you out locally. If nothing else, I should be taking my new to me tii up to SF during Thanksgiving weekend to visit my sister up there and I could help!

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Good luck and hopefully someone can help you out locally. If nothing else, I should be taking my new to me tii up to SF during Thanksgiving weekend to visit my sister up there and I could help!



Hey CDA951, I might need to take you up on that offer. After adjusting the valves, the car started and sounded good. Took it for a ride around the city the same day. A few days later, the car's not starting up again.


Last weekend I adjusted the valves, changed spark plugs, and adjusted the timing. Sounds like there's no combustion in the engine. Could it be the timing's off? 
I've rotated the distributor shaft to where the rotor points directly at the #1 plug and TDC notch. 
I realize my valve job has become more of a timing adjustment issue, but perhaps you can shed some light on what I might being doing wrong? Would be great if you are still available to meet up as well. You can reach me at chjeria@gmail.com.
Hope you can help!


Here's a video of me trying to start my car:


Picture 1: TDC marks aligned on the crank pulley


Picture 2: TDC marks on the timing chain gear aligned to the oil bar


Picture 3: Rotor pointing toward #1 plug  







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You say that the car is not starting up "again." Does this mean that you have had starting problems recently?


Have you checked for spark? That would be the first step. Can you smell fuel?


It seems unlikely that you adjusted the timing enough to the point where the engine won't start. Did you use a timing light, and if so what was the timing set to? Does your distributor still have points or is it electronic ignition? Check all under hood connections related to the ignition if you're not getting spark.



Good luck,



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