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One Day, One Shortblock, One Morfiya, One Daron


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As some of you know, I live in Brooklyn and do not have access to a garage. A while back my engine developed a knock, and I realized that a tear down was in order. I had swapped the head last year, so I really only needed to get myself a new bottom end. Enter, Morfiya. He pulled through and mentioned to me in the chat that he had a bottom end that I could have, since he no longer would be using it for his own project. He described it as being "new", and upon closer inspection, it really was in great shape aside from some grime and slight oxidation from sitting for so long. The bearings checked out, the bores had a fresh hone, and it was extremely promising. 


With a Block in hand, I now needed a place to do the swap. I jumped back and forth between Morfiya and Daron, who both offered to lend a hand, and ultimately went with Daron as he seemed oddly excited about the whole thing, despite living quite a way aways from me. We set a date, and we had one shot to make it happen in his parents garage. The day started at 5am, and I got to his place by 7.30. We got to work, and everything went extremely smoothly. The only delay we had was completely my fault, as I had forgot to bring the head gasket from my house, 1 hour away (without traffic). Many calls to other 02 owners produced no results, and my mother confirmed that my gasket was NOT home. how could this happen? It turns out that I forgot it was supposed to come with my order from Steve at blunttech, which was delayed. Despite my mom not finding the gasket, my father drove home. When he got there, the gasket was sitting against the door; turns out the ups guy got there just in time. one miracle is one thing, but in addition to this happening, the reinstall went effortlessly. The engine slipped into the transmission like a hot knife through butter, and the rest went without a hitch. It fired up right away, and ran like a raped ape. There was some bearing/belt noise, which we thought was the water pump and/or alternator. I swapped the water pump today, (blunt sent parts in under 24 hours, amazing, right?) and it improved things dramatically, but It turns out that the alternator has a faulty bearing (likely from an overtightened belt, woops!). No problem, considering its covered under warranty and a replacement should be here soon.


Pics below!


Upgrades to the bottom end included a lightened flywheel from Millers Mule, crank scraper and pan baffle from ireland, and a AN-12 bung for an eventual turbo drain :)




My good friend and fellow fabricator Matt did the welding, and we did it in his workplace afterhours (its an industrial welding shop, usually they do huge 100+ foot beams). So when we needed to make a bunghole, well, we did it the fun way. (purists, look away)











These pics are in reverse order, top one is finished and bottom one is where we started! Excuse the quality, using my phone and didn't really have time to stop for pictures :)



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Thanks guys! If I get some red electrical tape and make some racing stripes does that count? ;)



Yeah, it was an excellent day of wrenching. Definitely my most productive day of wrenching as far as things go, but relatively easy considering Daron's experience and the motor having been out before, so no real surprises to throw us off. 

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