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Cars And Coffee In Chatsworth Who's In??


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Hello fellow 02'ers, I went for coffee with the wife to this new coffee place in Chatsworth few weeks ago and met the owner who is a car enthusiast, he's been in business for roughly 10 months, it's a nice mom and pop shop and the owner is a mid twenties hard working fellow. I really liked the place and have been there frequently. Last time I was there, my wife pointed out that the parking lot is Huge and is perfect for a sunday Cars and Coffee meet ( yes that's why I got married to her). So I'm here asking who would like to make this a weekly, bi-weekly, or even a monthly deal where we can meet for a good cup of coffee and some pastries?? The owner of the place expressed great interest in having car meets at his shop and offered special pricing(not that they're expensive at all). below is the address and a shot of the place and the huge parking lot. The place is by the palm trees in the upper left hand corner in the picture below so you can have your coffee and keep your eyes on your beloved 02.


Blue Ice Cafe

9201 Winnetka Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311



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 if I'm in town, I'm in !!


 I drove past that place 3 weeks ago ...... and next time I'll stop in and introduce myself to the owner.






p.s.  that is one huge parking lot .....

Thanks Carl, it's definetly a huge parking lot and I would like to do my part to help the guy out. I think it would be great if we could get 10 people to participate. let me know when you're stopping by maybe we can finally introduce the 02s to each other.

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