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1980 Bmw 320I Engine In 72 2K2?


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Hey all, I have a chance to buy a complete, good running 80 320i with the 5 speed and a LSD. Now I know the engine from the 80's 320 isn't the preferred engine for the ol 2002, but the price is right and I'm curious to find out how hard it'll be to hook up the engine, and injection system into the 73. Not looking for a super performance car, just alittle better the the 32/36 webber.




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If you search, there are some detailed answers to this.


My recollections


-with the 80- 83, you lose a little displacement.  And you lose in piston design.  You gain in cylinder head design, though.

-the oil pan and pump don't quite fit the 2002 crossmember.  It's close, but it hits.

-the injection (CIS) sucks- you'll be time, money and frustration ahead to go to E30 EFI or custom (M-S, Vems, etc).  It also doesn't fit all that well.  Nor is it a performance boost...  You'd actually be ahead to put the 2002 manifold and weber on it, in my opinion.

-you'll need a 2002 water pump

-you'll need a late 2002 dipstick and tube (altho the E21 may be able to be bent around)

-you can use the E21 radiator if you need it- personally, I like it quite a bit.

-you GET the late E21 electronic ignition- which is good.  The cam gear is different, tho, so you have to use it.

-you also get hubs for the Volvo brake conversion, which I find to be very good for the money.

-you get the rear brakes from the E21, which are well worth it.

-you get the rear E21 trailing arms, which are probably more trouble to use than they're worth on a street car.  But they are nice, and the hubs and stubs are stouter.

-and you get the fun of stripping an E21, which is fun!


I've done it twice, and always enjoyed it- and made money from it.



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I've searched all I can, and almost everything I've found is about the 318i intake on the stock 02 motor, Barley anything on swapping a complete 320i engine.

He's stripped the cars already, he has 2 of everything (Getrag 245s, 320 engines, rear-ends, etc..)

Price is why I'm interested, its all a good deal. Package deal.

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-the oil pan and pump don't quite fit the 2002 crossmember.  It's close, but it hits.


I can confirm this fact. When I bought my car, the PO had installed an e21 motor that has a manufacture date stamp of Dec, 77. Apparently when the engine swap was made, the oil pan was not replaced. It took me awhile to figure why I had such a ruff idle and loud banging noise. It was the oil pan hitting the subframe. It has worn a hole in the oil pan which is keeping the underside of the car well lubed. I plan to correct the condition with a BFH in the appropriate spots on the pan, then brazing the hole closed.


BTW, the car has the 2002 intake manifold and 32/36 carb on it. Also it is necessary to install an electric fuel pump since there is no provision for a mechanical pump.

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There are plenty of threads.


I'm not saying they're easy to find, but we've done this more than a few times...


Anyway, I'm sure I missed a few details, but that's the gist of it.  Yes, if you can get that pile

for less than 4 figures, you'll do well... the 5 speeds are getting hard to find, at the least.



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